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Introducing Zuleana® Cardio

Zuleana® Cardio created by, Cee Cee Michaela Floyd, is an International Cultural Awareness & Fitness Program. By popular demand, Cee Cee has taken Zuleana® Cardio on the road to Universities, Churches, Gyms, Conferences, and other venues nationwide.

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A New Way of Life

Zuleana A New Way Of Life is a wonderful clean eating guide filled with wisdom on how to have a clean eating lifestyle that not only helps you lose weight but helps you get rid of disease and discomfort. This book is filled with tips, poems, secrets from the author, Cee Cee Michaela, who has researched natural health and alternative medicine for over 26 years. Live a healthier, vibrant life with Zuleana. Her Zuleana protocol has helped thousands to not only lose massive amounts of weight but it had been able to help many eradicate diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, IBS, anxiety, insomnia , eczema, acne, cysts, tumors and much more. Zuleana is also a powerful anti-cancer and cancer after-care regimen.


Why Zuleana®, Why Now?

Zuleana® is a clean eating lifestyle and exhilarating African cardio classes  created and spearheaded by Cee Cee Michaela. Zuleana®… is a  movement! From cardio classes to a weight loss regimen and a small group weight loss coaching, to auto-immune disease prevention, to nutrition education and motivational speaking- Zuleana® is here to help you reach your goals. Cee Cee Michaela is passionate about bringing you the very best solutions to your health needs while maximizing your results. Book, shop, follow. This is a movement you want to be a part of!

An Empowerment Speaker

Yes! She is the girl who went from from Hollywood to HOLYwood! Cee Cee left her dream of being an actress in Hollywood for a higher calling : To travel the globe impacting girls and empowering women! Her speeches will enlighten and encourage you, ignite your perceptions and priorities, and make you think outside of the box! Learn more about Cee Cee Michaela.


A Performing Arts Company

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The Adventures of Zoe Greene

Cee Cee Michaela does it again with her creation of Zoe Greene! Zoe is an intelligent little girl with lots of charm and grace. She loves her mom and dad who encourage her to enjoy all types of unique things like: smoothies, frittatas, gelato, and cold pressed juice. She is a girl full of humility, culture, and adventure. She also loves her hometown of Greenville, SC! Join Zoe as she blossoms and enjoys all the treasures of this beautiful, green earth.


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