The 50 Health Benefits of the Zuleana Way

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There is nothing sweeter than seeing  the smile, the joy, the excitement on a person’s face when they say, “Coach Cee Cee, I am on the Zuleana Way and I have another praise report! I am truly humbled to be chosen by God to formulate such an incredible way of clean eating that is helping people lose massive amounts of weight and eradicate diseases. I am amazed at how I knew the what, when, and how of it. After 23 years of  avid research and with me actually eating clean for that many years, it just all came together for me. After receiving so many positive written and verbal testimonies from women  and men across the US,  I decided to  place it all in this handy-dandy chart below. WOW, Zuleana  really is amazing.  The chart  includes about 50 powerful health benefits. WHAAAATTT !??? Let me stop and do my happy dance.  Just look at all of the  SELF-CARE on that chart and each issue has many wonderful testimonies of freedom  and happiness on the other side of sickness and disease. Zuleana truly does make you feel fabulous. Some of the popular health benefits I have noticed time and time again is diabetes leaving the body within about  two weeks after  eating the Zuleana way. Cholesterol usually levels out correctly in about 30 days.  Many people come down to only one blood pressure med or no hbp med at all  after a few months of Zuleana.  A better energy level is pretty much immediately. Almost every one who was on anxiety and/or insomnia meds come completely off of both in a few months of eating the Zuleana Way and the list goes on and on.



Below is a case study from this past summer where the women really “killed the fat and crushed diseases.”  It was total #watchmedisappear  moments happening everywhere across the USA. Once they received their Zuleana  one-on-one phone consultation  and/or read my Zuleana book and ordered their Zuleana Melt Belly Fat kit it was no turning back. Ladies were droppin’ it like it was HOT, WARM, and ROOM TEMPERATURE, BABY!  Zuleana is a simple way of clean eating that combines antioxidants/polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, nutrient-dense foods/liquids, powerful spices/fibers and we all  just ROCKED IT! We eat the elements at certain times and watch our portions. It’s the food combining and knowing WHAT to eat and WHEN to it eat it that makes all the difference! Our current Zuleana Top Winner has lost a whopping 82 pounds in five months! it is an amazing lifestyle choice that gets you results. Join the ZULEANA MOVEMENT by visiting


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