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Cee Cee Michaela’s Workshops/Classes:

*Time: Usually runs about 1 and 1/2 hours

*Age: College Prep, College, Life Long Learners, Seniors

*All of Cee Cee’s classes can be presented as a one time class or ongoing. For instance, you may book her for a 2-3 day intensive, a week long educational endeavor, or Cee Cee can even be hired as an artist/teacher in residence or for special programs and/or grants. 



Zuleana Eating Lifestyle Class

Learn the most nutritionally balanced and affordable cancer killing and weight loss eating protocol ever – (No, It’s not another crazy or boring diet!) You will learn how to boost your metabolism, alleviate inflammation, hormone and gut disruptors! You will also learn the dangers of stress and elevated cortisol levels as well as the importance of having a healthy HPA axis.

Secrets of a World Traveler Class

From Hotels, Passports, Visas, Packing, Touring, Exploration, & Off the Beaten Path Ideas, Cee Cee knows her stuff. She just returned from two exciting adventures…Brazil and Hawaii! Experience her fabulous global souvenirs: hand-crafted Grecian sandals made for me in Santorini, Greece, Murano glass jewelry from Venice,Italy, bracelets from Nepal, skirt from Rwanda (East Africa), a fabulous Parisian pendant, Japanese yukata/kimono, obi belt, pair of geta, and Hawaiian Kui Kui necklaces. #wanderlust #globalstyle


Keys to a Joyous Marriage Class

From Finance to Nature Trail Walks, Cee Cee adores being married to Wilbert! She will share what she has learned over her exciting eight years of marriage. #lovemesomehim #makemarriageeasy 


Living Single and Abstinent Class

What to do while you are waiting because everybody’s NOT Doing it! Cee Cee was happily single and abstinent for almost 11 years before her husband swept her off of her feet! Learn the amazing things she accomplished in those “waiting years!”

Memoir Writing Class – The Basics

Allow Cee Cee to get your writer juices flowing. Cee Cee will teach you all kinds of creative techniques to color your writing and bring it to life. She has authored and published 4 books and is currently having her 5th book edited while starting on her 6th book which will include memoirs! Her book genres include: religion, health (series), relationships, self-help, and a children’s book. In addition, Cee Cee has written songs which have been leased by some of Hollywood’s Top TV and Movie Producers. One of her songs has received over 1 million viewers on You Tube!


Hidden Black History Class

From Robert Smalls and Ona Judge to Lilly Ann Granderson, Cee Cee’s research of  hidden facts will blow you away and ignite a new love, respect and continued understanding of these amazing historical legacies.


 “Win the Audition” Technique Class

Acquire the professional performer’s etiquette, disposition, and “Stand Out” qualities that will place you above the rest! The power of getting “Called Back!” The blessing of being at the TOP of the casting director’s list! Whether it’s a one-time amazing performing opportunity, college admissions, or a major life career move-this class will take you there! Calling all ACTORS, SINGERS, DANCERS, AND POETS.

Note: This class is offered as an adult class or children’s class.


Zuleana African Dance Cardio Class

This is a 1 hour class and incorporates Cee Cee’s Broadway (Bob Fosse) dance technique with exciting moves from the South African Zulu Tribe and other tribes in West and North Africa. Cee Cee created this style of dance to help make exercise fun and to fight the epidemic of obesity!

Note: great for ages: 18-80!


It’s easy to book Cee Cee!

To book Cee Cee for a workshop fill out out her booking form here on her website under the Contact  Cee Cee Section or simply contact us via  an email invitation to:

Note: Cee Cee’s workshops are great for libraries, schools, organizations, lifelong learning formats, special events and fulfilling grant requirements.


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