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I am a wife, a sister, a health nut, a research geek, a bookaholic, a lover of humans and cultures,  a history buff , a chronic reader, and a die hard botanical babe. This blog is about an amazing new LIFE that I created called ZULEANA. I am excited to share with you all of the fabulous secrets and wisdom of how I have helped thousands of women lose weight, drop meds, and eradicate diseases. This blog is all about eating REAL FOOD that is NUTRIENT-DENSE, choosing the right supplements, understanding alternative/holistic medicines, and providing eye-opening content that will cater to individual growth. Knowledge is power and ZULEANA is all about  improving your life through comprehensive natural health learning. ZULEANA solves problems!  It is a clean eating lifestyle that is doable. It can be shared with your entire family and provides weight loss results and disease prevention that really is ” just that easy!” Thanks for entering into my Zuleana World!

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Zuleana in Santorini, Greece!

Posted by Cee Cee Michaela on November 21, 2017
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I absolutely love being a Medicine Hunter! My next trip will be back to Europe with a focus on the Mediterranean Diet! I know for a fact that this diet is a game changer when it comes to excellent health. I have incorporated many elements from the Mediterranean people in my Zuleana® eating protocol so I know that it works and is highly effective in overall health, especially in  the areas of obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s

Zuleana in Jerusalem!

Posted by Cee Cee Michaela on November 21, 2017
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Category: Travel
Who can hardly medicine hunt when you are traveling to the place where Jesus Christ was born? I mean come on now! All I wanted to do was visit  Bethlehem…LOL! I arrived at the airport in Tel Aviv which was a WOW factor in and of itself! What a most beautiful cosmopolitan city that Tel Aviv is. The Tel Aviv airport was like no other airport I have ever seen and the town was just

Zuleana in St. Lucia!

Posted by Cee Cee Michaela on November 21, 2017
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St. Lucia has got to be  the most beautiful island in all of the Carribean. I beautiful young lady that was the head of a powerful young women’s movement called women of substance had hosted me to come for about a weeks stay to teach workshops on abstinence until marriage as well as nutrition. This particular assignment was probably one of my most favorite and memorable for both my husband and I. The island and

Zuleana in Japan!

Posted by Cee Cee Michaela on November 21, 2017
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It took us 23 hours to get there but when we finally arrived in Sasebo Japan….the plane ride was well worth it! Sasebo is not too far from Tokyo! As a matter of fact, the bus that drove us in from the airport drove right past Disneyland… a super cool moment! That doggone Mickey mouse is everywhere! I was like, ” yo…konichiwa Mickey and Minnie!” As my hubby and I arrived in Sasebo, our host

Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks…Oh My!

Posted by Cee Cee Michaela on October 4, 2017
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WOW! My ZULEANA brand and services just received its registered trademark number today! YAY!  Yippee! Whoop, whoop! It is not everyday that an African-American is able to not only apply for but actually receive full approval for a patent or trademark. I did it! Wait, I stand corrected, WE did it! Yes, I must give honor to all of my ancestors who created amazing inventions before me.  Millions of ideas were never given the chance