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AQUA ZULEANA® created by Cee Cee Michaela

This aquatic class is a total body workout that’s great for all ages. It combines power moves through the water and a beautiful flow to amazing upbeat, global fusion music! The water is great for the joints and the power moves strengthen the muscles and tones the bones! Come experience something unique and super fun! We use your own body weight with water resistance. Optional: The session may include aquatic dumbbells as well as pool noodles depending on the facility’s equipment options. You are going to LOVE Aqua Zuleana®!

Coach Cee Cee is certified in Adult and Pediatric Certified FIRST AID/CPR/AED. Her certification is up to date.


Coach Cee Cee is teaching classes at:

(Shallow Water Aerobics)

  • The Weinstein Jewish Community Center 

         -Wednesdays @ 6:45 pm EST in Richmond, VA through early summer

  • Private Aquatic Small Group Sessions across the USA


*Blood Work  * Lab Results  *  Personalized Nutrition  * Lab Tests You Should Know * Vitamin /Mineral Deficiency Care

Book your one on one consultation right here on her online store.

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This amazing all-in-one self-care kit is filled with antioxidants that nourish the skin, teeth, liver, gallbladder,  kidneys, ATP, Mitochondria,  increase metabolism, eradicate depression, crush irritability,  cleanse heavy metals, alleviate leg cramps, provide better sleep, build your immune system, shrink fibroids, help fight cancer and so much more! This kit will even help transport mercury out of the brain! This kit includes Coach Cee Cee’s Top 10 products plus a bonus product based off of the last 12 years of her top nutrition product sales and the products that received the best lab results from hundreds of her nutrition clients. Available in her online store.

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Cee Cee Michaela is the founder and CEO of Zuleana Weight Loss and Nutrition.  She is a TV actress, Broadway performer,  dancer,  singer, songwriter,  author,  entrepreneur, mentor, motivational speaker,  tourism ambassador, historian, research, educator,  movement instructor, nutrition/weight loss coach,  wellness expert, and a preserver of the African-American experience within the fabric of America’s history. She is one of, if not “the only” African-American and female medicine hunters in the United States. The first half of her life was dedicated to the entertainment field and the study of natural medicine.  As she continues in the fight to eradicate America’s obesity epidemic through her Zuleana clean eating protocol,  Zuleana® Nutrition,  Zuleana® Fitness and Aqua Zuleana®, Cee Cee has decided to dedicate the rest of her life to researching natural medicine and completing Zuleana® Book 2 and 3 of her Zuleana® Wellness Book Trilogy. She will continue researching, educating, publishing, distributing, and performing oratorical presentations of the rich narratives of our African-American historical legends and their contributions. The untold stories…hidden Black history. She believes understanding the plight of hundreds of Black hidden figures of history will expand our perspective, subconsciously heal our personal and cultural esteem, and enrich our connection to one another. It is her desire to bring people together and that every person gets the opportunity to experience a quality of life full of authenticity, prosperity,  joy and great health. Cee Cee is married to the love of her life, Wilbert, and they have been happily married for eleven years. They enjoy traveling, forest bathing, national parks, matcha green tea and serving communities and families in need.




     Cee Cee Michaela was born in Hickory, North Carolina and was raised by her single mother who worked three jobs and was very intentional about  grooming all four of her girls for greatness. Cee Cee’s absence of her father cultivated an even deeper respect for her mother and a personal desire to greatly succeed. Cee Cee started reading at three and 1/2  years old. She starred in her first movie at the age of nine. By the time she was twelve, she was singing in four octaves and four languages. Ms. Michaela graduated High school as a North Carolina Scholar and at seventeen, she received one of the most prestigious scholarships to the North Carolina School of the Arts double majoring in Dance and Classical Voice. At twenty-one years old, she landed her dream role of Viola and was blessed with the opportunity to play Gregory Hine’s little sister on BROADWAY in Jelly’s Last Jam, where she sang and tap danced for 550 performances right beside Gregory Hines, Ben Vereen, and Phylicia Rashad. She is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music in which her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater was FedExed to her stage door as she had already landed on Broadway before she completed her last two months of college.


She also starred in the Broadway hit, Smokey Joe’s Café, as well as several television shows such as All My Children, The Fresh Prince, Chicago Hope, The Steve Harvey Show, and Strong Medicine executive produced by Whoopi Goldberg. She is probably BEST known for her character of (Yvonne), the police officer and William’s Fiancée, on the nationally syndicated hit comedy “GIRLFRIENDS”, executive produced by Kelsey Grammer. She played the role of (SIMONE) in the movie, “HAIR SHOW”, starring along with Mo’Nique executive produced by Magic Johnson and she has been seen on TBN’s “PRAISE THE LORD” on numerous occasions sharing her testimony of God’s grace, power, and protection as she walked away from Hollywood for “HOLY”WOOD. She has been ministering to girls and women ever since! Cee Cee is also a Voice Over Artist and has provided the voices behind some of Hollywood’s best movies such as “FAT ALBERT” and the movie, RAY, the film about the legendary Ray Charles.

Corrupt by Cee Cee Michaela

     At 18 years of age, Cee Cee copyrighted her first song. She has an Inspirational CD, which she wrote, arranged, and produced that was #6 on the Gospel Charts in Europe! She is the sole owner of all of her master rights and publishing. All of her compositions are registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) along with other legendary songwriters such as Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson. Cee Cee has scored some of America’s top TV shows such as Party of Five. One of Cee Cee’s songs, Harriet, has received over 1 million views on You Tube!  

     Cee Cee’s CD, Everybody’s Talkin’, received  a rave review (Larry Flick) from Billboard Magazine. Two of her top hits, Corrupt and Harriet, are currently streaming on all major platforms. She is the owner of several businesses: Driven By a Vision Records, Michaela’s Creativity Studio LLC., Zuleana Weight Loss & Nutrition and she recently became a certified Tourism Ambassador – which all function successfully despite the fact that she spends over half of her time away from the office conducting empowerment workshops with life-changing messages to teenagers and adults.


     Cee Cee has been invited to speak all over the world from the Bahamas and St. Lucia to Jerusalem and Japan! Cee Cee has been successful in motivating the secular as well as non-secularShe has been blessed to share her wisdom at some of America’s top organizations, schools, universities, and over 600 churches. She has received numerous awards and proclamations from several states for her tireless efforts in empowering and educating our youth including a congressional thank you letter and certificate from the late great congressman John Lewis. She teaches life skills classes to teens which incorporate: purity, self-esteem, purpose, leadership, wisdom, and excellence.

     Cee Cee has written and self-published four books. In 2015, she wrote her first children’s book entitled The Adventures of Zoe Greene which led to her launching of The Zoe Greene Performing Arts Company. As Cee Cee lands in different cities, she holds auditions, chooses fifteen adorable girls and then trains this special group of girls in various art disciplines which include: acting, singing, dancing, fitness, and etiquette. All of which are part of her Zoe Greene Initiative (a national enrichment program for girls and boys advocating literacy, health, achievement, leadership, and offers strategies in the fight against childhood obesity).

     Cee Cee is currently on tour with her very own NATURAL HEALTH concept called Zuleana® (ZOO-LEAN-AH). It is a clean-eating, weight loss, and disease prevention protocol that includes: nutrition education, holistic remedies, and African dance/cardio fitness. It’s a new lifestyle consisting of nutrient-dense, clean-eating, and fat burning techniques, which is helping thousands of women lose massive amounts of weight and eradicate many diseases. For instance, her recent Zuleana case study repeatedly shows that a prescription of Metformin can be eradicated in just 14-30 days after being on her Zuleana clean eating system! Her creation of Zuleana African Dance Cardio was inspired by her Bob Fosse Broadway training, tribal Zulu dance, which she learned when she performed  with the legendary 5-time Grammy award winning, South African all-male choir, Ladysmith Black Mambazo at the Kennedy Center. Zuleana Dance includes moves from West and North Africa. In 2020, Cee Cee added “movement in water” to her wellness brand and created Aqua Zuleana. It’s a fabulous low impact easy-on- the-joints water workout using resistance gloves, bands and a pool noodle. The body toning results are amazing. Her “water moves” are unique and athletic and are inspired by Jackie Robinson, Misty Copeland and Kobe Bryant. 

     Cee Cee is a MEDICINE HUNTER. She actually travels to other countries and studies the people, culture, and cuisine. Her research includes anthropological, ecological, botanical, medicinal, and scientific studies. Her most recent medicine hunting voyages included: Paris, London, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Dubrovnik, Brazil, and Hawaii. She is a fitness and nutrition coach and is currently traveling to churches and conferences across the USA to present her EDUCATION not MEDICATION Zuleana seminar. She is also a Natural Health advocate and educator with over twenty-eight years of natural health experience. Her new book entitled: ZULEANA® – A New Way of Life is being considered the ultimate clean eating guide. Her clients usually lose on average about 13 pounds a month with her nutrition secrets from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and India. Some of her most cherished nutrition wisdom and major success came when she implemented her research that connect the powerfully, healing diet of the Pygmy and Hadza African tribes to (SAD), our Standard American Diet. Cee Cee has customized countless natural remedies freeing the ailments and medical conditions of so many African-American families, that she is affectionately known as THE HARRIET TUBMAN OF HEALTH with [Alternative Medicine for over 460 diseases!] Her Zuleana® trademark was registered on September 19, 2017, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Cee Cee Michaela is a collector and curator.

     She recently created, curated and  launched her Hidden Black History Family Museum which includes over 75  legendary ICONS that span from 1619-2019! Her traveling museum is available for bookings across the USA and beyond. All of Cee Cee’s programs, brands, blog, and her popular online store which features 120 holistic products with a focus on African-American ailments and health concerns, can be found on her website at www.Zuleana.com. After more than ten years of being abstinent and patiently waiting on the Lord, she is SUPER excited to be married to Mr. Wilbert Floyd, the love of her life. They have been happily married for eleven years.


Actress, Author, Historian, Arts Educator, and Weight Loss Expert

Speaking Topics:

  • Losing Weight With Zuleana Nutrition- a Clean Eating, Anti-Cancer Protocol

  • Answers to Solving the Obesity Epidemic

  • The Power of Holistic Medicine

  • Historical Tourism Rocks

  • The Power of Self Care and a Life of Balance

  • The Entertainment Industry: from Broadway to Hollywood

  • Entrepreneurship, Streams of Income, and her Business Philosophy

  • Branding and IP Wisdom

  • Social Justice and Historical/Racial Wound Healing

  • An Evening With Cee Cee Michaela

Travels from: Richmond, Virginia


Cee Cee Michaela has written four books, I Wish I Had Known, The Enemy’s Secret Diary, Zuleana- A New Way of Life, and The Adventures of Zoe Greene. She just completed her second book in her health series, Zuleana-Making You Great Again (fifth book). She is currently writing a sixth book, an astonishing and eye-opening, historical, non-fiction narrative which unearths the forgotten legacies of African Americans whose contributions should be exposed and voices heard. Last, but certainly not least, she is writing her memoir (seventh book) which include stories of her early childhood as a latch key kid raised by a single mother in a small southern town full of racial setbacks. She shares the unexpected peace she felt during her father’s death. Her fervent mother raised a Broadway and television star on an English teacher’s salary, several yard sales, and a few lucky wins of bingo.


Specialties: Choreography, Songwriting, Poetry, Storytelling, Voice overs, Dance, Fitness, Djembe Drums,  Matcha Tea Ceremony, and Musical Theater
Subjects: History, Health, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Writing, English, Civics, Science, Nutrition, Culture, Social Justice, and Socialpreneurship
Cee Cee has been requested to share her books, wisdom, and life experience at schools, universities, museums, historical sites/ houses, libraries, churches, special events, lectures,  talks, panels, readings, salons series, think tanks, conferences, expos, festivals,  community initiatives, coaching sessions, mentor sessions, college prep talks, talent show judging and more!



Special Note: Cee Cee’s Theatrical Historical Presentations and  Zuleana Nutrition and Cardio programs are grant-friendly and foster the educational, health, cultural, performing arts, history, and recreational development of communities. Cee Cee Michaela offers dynamic, interactive knowledge.



  • TORONTO, CANADA- August 1-2 – with the ZULEANA GIRLZ




Cee Cee Michaela’s ZULEANA Clean Eating Protocol is tackling America’s OBESITY EPIDEMIC with great success. Her system has helped thousands to drop pounds and live happier, healthier lives. Check out the BEFORE/AFTER GALLERY

  • ONTARIO, CANADA– August- 4 – Host a Pilgrimage to Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site –  Josiah Henson House – EMANCIPATION DAY –10am-4pm #historymatters

  • Hampton, VA–  Zuleana Nutrition Outreach and Exhibit at Reflect, Grow, Love Expo- Sun, August 11

Cee Cee Collaborates With NFL- Her Museum Presentation Will Help Unify the Community and Make a Positive Impact!

  • Dunn, NC- August 15 –  Inspire NFL & White Family Learning Center –  Cee Cee speaks on Social Justice and Economic Power to children ages 5-12 years old using elements from her HIDDEN HISTORY MUSEUM!

Cee Cee To Speak at Howard University

  • Washington, DC –  September 25- 300 Students will hear Cee Cee Michaela speak on the following business topics: ENTREPRENEURSHIP, IP WISDOM, STREAMS OF INCOME, and ORGANIZING KNOWLEDGE. #girlboss #HowardUniversity

Cee Cee and Zuleana Girls To Meet Nikki Giovanni!

  • Washington, DCSeptember 27-28 – Smithsonian National Museum of African American  history and Culture – Zuleana Weight Loss Educational SISTERHOOD MEETUP & POUNDS DOWN CELEBRATION  with Nikki Giovanni and Sonia Sanchez –  GALA and Workshops attended by Zuleana Girls and Founder, Cee Cee Michaela!! #furiousflower 25th Anniversary Celebration #black #poetry

  • Suffolk, VA– October 12-Pastor Appreciation/Community Leaders Brunch -Cee Cee speaks on Zuleana Nutrition Education 

June 18, 2019

New York– Cee Cee wows the crowd with her voice at Sarah Lawrence College! #KeepHopeAlive  #Poem

May 1, 2019


McLeod Plantation in Chareston, SC

Laura Smith of Channel 2 captured the story of Cee Cee’s rigorous, hands-on research of several Charleston plantations for her on-going Hidden History Theatrical Presentations and upcoming 50 Enslaved Hidden History Icons book- a collection of speeches, monologues, and poems. Cee Cee was focusing on the architecture of the homes and the surrounding nature and work conditions that affected the enslaved workers such as sea island cotton, golden rice, indigo, and rice field diseases such as trench foot. It is Cee Cee’s hope to bring more understanding to the resilence level and contributions of African-Americans, the  disparity due to the development of racism, and the urgent need for historical healing. As an accomplished actress and speaker, she realizes that this is a message not only for America, but important insights that must be taken to the INTERNATIONAL STAGES of theaters, museums, universities, conferences, salons, and creative and critical thinker talks and symposiums.

April 23, 2019


Cee Cee will be one of 70 students who will take part in the 2019 Summer Seminar for Writers at Sarah Lawrence College. Cee Cee is a hybrid writer and chose to submit her piece on the enslaved shero, Ona Judge as well as a few of her highlights that will be featured in her upcoming memoir. Sarah Lawrence College is a liberal arts college located in New York and is well known for its writing programs and illustrious alumni such as Alice Walker, Barbara Walters, Vera Wang, Jordan Peele, J.J. Abrams, Ann Patchett, and Rahm Emanuel.

April 22, 2019 – Cee Cee – THE MEDICINE HUNTER


Cee Cee just added an Anti-Allergy KIT – amazing for heavy pollen, hay fever, sneezing, and  runny nose. She also added a children’s NO MORE BED WETTING remedy. Cee Cee has been an avid researcher of natural medicine for 24 years. Her online store serves as a meticulously researched wisdom center and a high quality, yet affordable products resource. All of her remedies (from A-Z) were formulated by an actual person in desperate need of holistic help for health issues that are usually simply written off as “there’s nothing we can do about it!” She has assisted thousands with common issues such as eczema to extremely rare diseases like Moyamoya disease.

April 8, 2019 


Cee Cee will be a Celebrity Reader of her Children’s book, Zoe Greene, in Baltimore, Maryland on May 11!

Friday, May 11, 2019…join us at Reginald F. Lewis Museum for the 7th Annual  African American Children’s Book Fair. 10am-4pm

April 6, 2019


Cee Cee is Available To Teach Her ADULT EDUCATIONAL CLASSES Across the USA!

Book Cee Cee to come to your town and teach! Click the banner for more info.

April 1, 2019


KEYNOTE SPEECH in Charleston, SC

Cee Cee is KEYNOTE SPEAKER on April 27 in Charleston, SC!  Yes, I will have all of my health products and books available after my speech! #meetmeatmytable

*March 25, 2019


Henry Box Brown HUMAN BOX FITTING/Practice in Richmond, VA for upcoming Theatrical Presentations to travel across the USA and Canada!


Union Soldier Reenactment Training in DC to get ready for playing a Civil War female spy!


Cee Cee receives reenactment training of a Union soldier at the African American Civil War Museum in Washington, DC. “My tour guide was amazing and exceeded my every expectation. When I told him I wanted to add a female  spy to my history show, he gladly showed me the ropes… or should I say, musket! Honor goes out to 209,000 Black soldiers who fought their way for ALL of our freedom!”

*March 18, 2019


Cee Cee Visits Punahou School (Barack Obama’s Early Years)  and the royal Iolani Palace in Hawaii!


Cee Cee visited Punahou. It’s a private school in Hawaii where President Barack Obama attended from 5th grade to high school graduation. “I did a mentoring session with some exceptional students where we discussed TV sets vs. Broadway stages, and the blessing of attending one of my favorite alma maters, North Carolina School of the Arts. We talked about the CBS remake of Hawaii Five-O which is shot on location right there in  downtown Hawaii!” Cee Cee also received her beautiful pins in celebration of her research on Queen Liliuokalani and the annexation of Hawaii at the royal Iolani Palace.

*March 2019


Zuleana Girl Loses 100 Pounds In Just a Little Over a Year!


Taneasha, from Pennsylvania, received her Zuleana 100 Pounds GONE  Medal from Ceo and founder, Cee Cee Michaela! This would be Coach Cee Cee’s  second 100 pounds down winner in the last two years. She has helped 5 other fabulous women lose 75-85 pounds in the last year! One young man lost 55 pounds in just a few months. Zuleana Nutrition works. Taneasha is currently the youngest participant on the national Zuleana Weight Loss Travel Team. “Even though she is young, she is an excellent inspiration for women of all ages. Congrats, Taneasha!” Note: She is currently 103 pounds down and only has about 30 more pounds to her desired size 6!

*February 2019


New Banners created for Cee Cee’s MASTER CLASSES and ARTIST TALKS

Cee Cee is available for Master Classes, Conversations with Cee Cee, Artist Talks, Zuleana African Cardio Dance Class, Keynote Speeches, Commencement Speeches, Zoe Greene Read Alouds, and Zuleana Book Signings. CLICK ON THE BANNER FOR MORE INFO

*February 2019


Cee Cee Prepares to Travel With Zuleana Girlz to  Toronto, Canada and lead a PILGRIMAGE to Dresden, Ontario to honor Josiah Henson/Emancipation Day!

Cee Cee takes a group to Canada for her Zuleana Awards, touring the city, museum hopping, and celebration of Josiah Henson!

*February 2019


Cee Cee, Broadway/Historic Actress, Uses Acting Skills to Bring History to Life!

Cee Cee brings to life OVER 30 (Hidden) Historical African-American Icons!  Click on the banner below for more info and BOOK HER today!

*February 2019


Cee Cee is Now a Certified Tourism Ambassador!

Next Tourism Locations:  Historic Charleston, SC and beautiful Toronto, Canada…meet her there!

*February 19, 2019


Cee Cee Becomes a Proud Member of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC

The Smithsonian opened this museum in 2016 right near the Washington Monument. It has 5 floors, theaters, a huge café, and approximately 37,000 artifacts, documents, photography,and media. It took $540 million to build.

*January 2019


 Zuleana Nutrition Retrospective Review

Cee Cee customized over 3,000 Zuleana Natural Health Boxes for women and men across America in 2018 (end of year) reaching almost every state in America! Her boxes are of dire need and value to the millions living in food deserts across the USA. She serves the healthiest of nutrition enthusiasts as well as those who are just starting their natural health journey.



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