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Cee Cee Michaela…was born in Hickory, North Carolina and was raised by her single mother who worked three jobs and was very intentional about  grooming all four of her girls for greatness. Cee Cee’s absence of her father cultivated an even deeper respect for her mother and a personal desire to greatly succeed. Cee Cee started reading around  three and 1/2  years old.  She starred in her first movie at the age of nine. By the time she was twelve, she was singing in four octaves and four languages. Ms. Michaela graduated High school as a North Carolina Scholar and at seventeen, she received one of the most prestigious scholarships to the North Carolina School of the Arts double majoring in Dance and Classical Voice. At twenty-one years old, she landed her dream role of Viola and was blessed with the opportunity to play Gregory Hine’s little sister on BROADWAY in Jelly’s Last Jam, where she sang and tap danced for 550 performances right beside Gregory Hines, Ben Vereen and Phylicia Rashad She is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music in which her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater was FedExed to her stage door as she had already landed on Broadway before she could finish her last two months of college.

She also starred in the Broadway hit, Smokey Joe’s Café, as well as several television shows such as All My Children, The Fresh Prince, Chicago Hope, The Steve Harvey Show and Strong Medicine executive produced by Whoopi Goldberg. But she is probably BEST known for her character of (Yvonne), the police officer and William’s Fiancée, on the nationally syndicated hit comedy “GIRLFRIENDS”, executive produced by Kelsey Grammer. She also played the role of (SIMONE) in the movie, “HAIR SHOW”, starring along with Mo’Nique executive produced by Magic Johnson and she has been seen on TBN’s “PRAISE THE LORD” on numerous occasions sharing her testimony of God’s grace, power, and protection as she walked away from Hollywood for “HOLY”WOOD and she has been ministering to girls and women ever since! Cee Cee is also a VOICE OVER Artist and has provided the voices behind some of Hollywood’s best movies such as FAT ALBERT and the movie, RAY, the film about the legendary Ray Charles.

At 18 years of age, Cee Cee copyrighted her first song. She has an Inspirational CD, which she wrote, arranged and produced that was #6 on the Gospel Charts in Europe! She is the sole owner of all of her master rights and publishing and all of her compositions are registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers along with other legendary songwriters such as Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson. Ms. Michaela has scored some of America’s top TV shows such as Party of Five. She is the owner of several businesses: Driven by a Vision Records, Michaela’s Creativity Studio LLC., and Zuleana Weight Loss & Nutrition – which all function successfully despite the fact that she spends over half of her time away from the office conducting empowerment workshops with life-changing messages to teenagers and adults.

Ms. Michaela has been invited to speak all over the world from the Bahamas and St. Lucia to Jerusalem and Japan! She has been blessed to share her wisdom at some of America’s top organizations, churches, schools, and universities and has been successful in motivating the secular as well as non-secular. She has received numerous awards and proclamations from several states for her tireless efforts in empowering and educating our youth. Ms. Michaela teaches life skills classes to teens which incorporate: purity, self-esteem, purpose, leadership, wisdom, and excellence.

Cee Cee Michaela has written four books. In 2015, Ms. Michaela wrote her first children’s book entitled The Adventures of Zoe Greene which led to the launching of The Zoe Greene Performing Arts and Humanities Company. As Cee Cee lands in different cities, she holds auditions, chooses fifteen adorable girls and then trains this special group of girls in various art disciplines which include: acting, singing, dancing, fitness, and etiquette. All of which are part of her Zoe Greene Initiative (a national enrichment program for girls).

Ms. Michaela is currently on tour with her very own NATURAL HEALTH concept called Zuleana® (ZOO-LEAN-AH). It is a clean-eating, weight loss and disease prevention protocol that includes: nutrition education, holistic remedies, and African dance/cardio fitness. It’s a new lifestyle consisting of nutrient-dense, clean-eating and fat burning techniques, which is helping thousands of women lose massive amounts of weight and eradicate many diseases. For instance, her recent Zuleana case study repeatedly shows that a prescription of Metformin can be eradicated in just 14-30 days after being on her Zuleana clean eating system!

Cee Cee is a MEDICINE HUNTER. She actually travels to other countries and studies the people, culture, and cuisine. Her research includes anthropological, ecological, botanical, medicinal and scientific studies. Her most recent medicine hunting voyage  included: Paris, London, Italy, Greece, Croatia and Dubrovnik. She is a fitness and nutrition coach and is currently traveling to churches and conferences across the USA to present her EDUCATION not MEDICATION Zuleana Seminar as she is also a Natural Health advocate and educator with over twenty-four years of natural health experience. Her new book entitled: ZULEANA® – A New Way of Life… is being considered the ultimate clean eating guide. Her clients usually lose on average about 13 pounds a month with her nutrition secrets from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and India. Some of her most cherished nutrition wisdom and major success came when she implemented her studies that connect the powerfully, healing diet of the Pygmy and Hadza African tribes to (SAD), our Standard American Diet. Ms. Michaela has customized countless natural remedies freeing the ailments and medical conditions of so many African-American families, that she is affectionately known as THE HARRIET TUBMAN OF HEALTH with [Alternative Medicine for over 200 diseases!] Her Zuleana® trademark was registered on September 19, 2017, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. All of Cee Cee’s programs, brands, blog, and her popular online store which features 80 holistic products with a focus on African-American ailments and health concerns, can be found on her website at www.Zuleana.com. After more than ten years of being abstinent and patiently waiting on the Lord, she is SUPER excited to be married to Mr. Wilbert Floyd…the love of her life. They have been happily married for seven years and are excited to be currently residing in Richmond, Virginia.

Cee Cee’s next big dream is to write, produce and star in her own one-woman  show that incorporates the power of natural medicine and black History!  She also is looking forward to pitching her idea of a reality TV show called: My Zuleana Life- where America can tune in and watch COACH CEE CEE transform women from mass obesity into fabulous, fit, and nutritionally healthy… Zuleana babes!


Special Note: Zuleana Nutrition and Cardio programs are grant-friendly and foster the educational, health, cultural, and recreational development of the community. Cee Cee Michaela offers dynamic, interactive knowledge.

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