Cee Cee goes from Broadway to Hollywood to “HOLY”wood to Zuleana®…hungh??!

Cee Cee was blessed to land her first Broadway job right out of college (Cee Cee received her BFA in Musical Theater from The Boston Conservatory of Music!)  Her career started with her tap dancing with Gregory Hines in Broadway’s- 11 Tony Award nominees hit, Jelly’s Last Jam as well as performing in Broadway’s Smokey Joe’s Café. She got bit by the TV bug when she landed the role of Charlene in the popular soap opera, All My Children, which aired on ABC for 41 years! She moved to Los Angeles and has been doing TV and film for almost 10 years and she is probably best known for her role of Yvonne on the hit TV comedy, Girlfriends.  However, Cee Cee decided to halt her Hollywood career for a deeper calling. She became a motivational speaker choosing enlightening and discerning topics that help save girls across the globe! Cee Cee stays on a mission to encourage, inspire, uplift and cultivate young ladies which generates powerful self expression, self love, self development, and personal enrichment. Her  performance talent and speeches have allowed her the opportunity to travel and share her story and wisdom  with young ladies from the Bahamas  and St. Lucia to  Jerusalem and Japan. Her eye-opening wisdom inspires girls to become excellent leaders and world changers! #girlleaders #smartgirls #puregirls #girlsarebrilliant #creativegirls #shecanandshewill

Cee Cee Speaks To The Heart of Women!

  • Crushing insecurity

  • Finding  joy during adversity

  • Writing your book

  • The dangers of emotional sabotage

  • The dangers of negative self-talk

  • The power of self expression

  • The need to show yourself friendly

  • The power of being humble

  • The power of  stepping out on faith

  • The beauty of being single

  • The power of marriage

    #youaremorepowerfulthanyouknow #womenarebrilliant #womenrock


What is Cee Cee doing now?

She has been enjoying being married to the love of her life, Wilbert Floyd. He is incredibly supportive and enjoys traveling the globe with Coach Cee Cee as she continues impacting girls, empowering women and keynote speaking. Cee Cee stays busy promoting her all new Zuleana® Weight Loss and Nutrition Solutions, her new brand and company that helps bring awareness, education, and natural medicine solutions to America’s chronic health and illness crisis. She fused her 23 years of natural health experience with her love of being a  traveling medicine hunter  and is ecstatic to expose Zuleana® to the world! 

She’s been writing meaningful books…

The Enemies Secret Diary and The Adventures of Zoe Greene and…


In  the summer of  2017, she was invited to 2 of Americas Top Universities (Clemson and Furman University) to present her very own Zuleana® African Dance Cardio technique as part of their, physical fitness, life enrichment, and multicultural programs.





In August 2017,  she released her 3rd amazing, life-changing book entitled ZULEANA®- A New Way of Life- The Ultimate Weight Loss and Disease Prevention Guide! Her protocol has helped thousands of women lose massive weight, drop medications, and eradicate diseases!

She is currently writing her 5th book which will be a world travels and life wisdom book. She is also training for the taping of her upcoming  Zuleana® body toning DVD and of course, crushing diseases through her highly sought after Zuleana® personal phone wellness consultations. She is super excited about receiving her Registered Trademark (Sept. 2017) for her service and consultation brand and company, Zuleana® Nutrition Solutions and her e-commerce company, Zuleana® Weight Loss & Nutrition Shop- which is on its way to becoming one of the most popular superfoods and holistic online stores featuring affordable alternative medicines  for 132 diseases!


Her online store features all natural help for everything from eczema and pain to AIDS and CANCER!



Cee Cee is currently traveling  along the southern/eastern United States , visiting plantations and slave cabins, up to  Europe and across to Africa to document with photos, written, and oral research.  She plans to write. narrate, and star in her own documentary-style film on the life of Harriet Tubman Her aim is to display Ms. Tubman’s powerful use of countless secret elements of the environment and agriculture to develop one of America’s greatest moments in history, The Underground Railroad. It is Cee Cee’s hope that the film will leave a legacy of environmental awareness, humanitarian involvement, and much needed  (UNHIDDEN and UNEARTHED) education of one of the top sheros and leading ladies of American and African-American History! 

  “I want to make films that connect cultural foods, alternative medicine, agriculture and environment awareness with  the untold  and unseen stories of African and African-American cultures and history. I want to create SHORT films that will invoke a positive impact for a LONG time!”- Cee Cee Michaela

“So all of these beautiful Africans were given a  #SUPERSIMPLE or #SLAVEWORKDESCRIPTION first name and their last became the slave master’s name.. over 200 HORLBECK’S were created in a blink of an eye- with that came our…LOST IDENTITY or what I call…IDENTITY THEFT!”- Cee Cee Michaela ( pictures from film locations and written narration from her upcoming short film).