Cee Cee goes from Hollywood to “HOLY”wood!

She decided to halt her Hollywood career for a deeper calling–to help save girls across the globe! Cee Cee stays on a mission to encourage, inspire, uplift and cultivate young ladies which generates powerful self expression, self love, self development, and personal enrichment. Her candid and eye-opening wisdom results in excellent leadership and world changers! #girlleaders #smartgirls #puregirls #girlsarebrilliant #creativegirls #shecanandshewill

Cee Cee Speaks To The Heart of Women!

  • Crushing insecurity

  • Finding  joy during adversity

  • Writing your book

  • The dangers of emotional sabotage

  • The dangers of negative self-talk

  • The power of self expression

  • The need to show yourself friendly

  • The power of being humble

  • The power of  stepping out on faith

  • The beauty of being single

  • The power of marriage

    #youaremorepowerfulthanyouknow #womenarebrilliant #womenrock

What is Cee Cee doing now?

Traveling the globe: impacting girls, empowering women,  keynote speaking, promoting her all new Zuleana Weight Loss and Nutrition brand,  keeping up with cool content for her natural health blog, posting her amazing photography on Pinterest, privately coaching acting and voice to some of Hollywood’s kid stars, writing her second book for her Zuleana Book collection, training for the taping of her upcoming  Zuleana body toning DVD and of course, crushing diseases through her highly sought after personal phone wellness consultations.

Cee Cee offers a powerful over the phone consultation that has helped thousands of women come off of their medications and lose massive weight!

Cee Cee goes over your Blood Panel work: A1C,  LDL, HDL, D3, TSH, etc.
She will customize her Zuleana Eating Lifestyle to your health needs
She helps you fix any and all mineral and vitamin deficiencies
She goes over dangerous hidden chemicals and GMOs in your foods
She helps you do a Zuleana Kitchen Makeover
She helps you understand foods that harm and foods that heal
She helps you understand tumors, cysts, boils, fibroids- and how to eradicate them