Cee Cee’s Services Include:

Photo by Derek Blanks

Keynote Speaker

Women’s Empowerment Speech

Youth Empowerment Speech

Youth Real Talk/Real Issues Workshop  (2 hrs.)


Life Skills/Etiquette Class  (1 hr.)

Education Not Medication Natural Health Seminar w/Q&A  (1-2 hrs.)

Heath Fair/ Special Event Heath Products Vendoring (All Day-2 Tables Needed)

Cancer Killer Workshop w/Q&A (1-2 hrs.)

Adopt a Zuleana City Partnership Appearance
Zuleana African Dance Cardio (1 hr./15-50 people max.)

Over-The-Phone Wellness Consultation (30 min.)

Purity/Abstinence Training ( 1-3 days)
Purity Ring Ceremony (2 hrs.)

Older Singles Wisdom Seminar- What To Do While You Are Waiting (1-2hr.)

Zoe Greene Read Aloud Author Visit (45 min. per class)

Zoe Greene Book and Birthday Party  ( 1-2 hours)

Camp Zoe Greene (5 Day Mobile Camp)


Matcha Green Tea Ceremony (20 mins.)

Global  Medicinal  Teas Party/ Women’s Luncheon

Sing the Star Spangled Banner



Book Signing and Reading of her New Books!


Kid’s Acting or Singing Coaching (1 hr.)

(live on site or virtual coaching)


Pageant Judge or Pageant Coaching 

Cee Cee always travels with her husband, so if plane tickets are needed…

please buy 2! -xoxo, Cee Cee Michaela Floyd