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A New Way of Life – Cee Cee’s NEW book- AUTOGRAPHED!!! – revealing the secrets to her powerful Zuleana Weight Loss and Disease Prevention Nutrition

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Zuleana A New Way Of Life is a wonderful clean eating guide filled with wisdom on how to have a clean eating lifestyle that not only helps you lose weight but helps you get rid of disease and discomfort. This book is filled with tips, poems, secrets from the author, Cee Cee Michaela, who has researched natural health and alternative medicine for over 23 years. Live a healthier, vibrant life with Zuleana. The Zuleana protocol has helped thousands to not only lose massive amounts of weight but it had been able to help many eradicate diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, IBS, anxiety, insomnia , eczema, acne, cysts, tumors and much more. Zuleana is also a powerful anti-inflammation, anti-cancer and cancer after-care regimen.




The Zuleana Way Eating Protocol will help you to get rid of almost ANY and ALL cravings!  If you have a craving to corn starch, dirt, sand, paper or any other non-food item, this could be due to a lack of IRON (order my beet root capsules and spirulina powder) OR ZINC!  Eat more spinach and be sure to go get a BLOOD TEST. You may also need therapy.  But, usually a  life change of your diet such as the Zuleana Way and eating or consuming more IRON SOURCES will do the trick.