Astragalus – 500mg- 90 Capsules – antiviral – immunity- cancer- antioxidant- inflammatory – prevents brain cell death, good for stroke recovery, improves brain function in brain injuries, HPV, helps with ovarian cancer, – but get our super immunity capsule for HPV and then get this one as well for extra astragalus protection – helps with endometrial cancer, multiple myeloma – helps white blood cells, WBC, heart health, helps with inflammation and congestion of the lymph nodes, great for skin-associated lymphatic tissue and builds immune system, when the lymphatic system is toxic , you will have hypersensitivity reactions all over the body, reduce inflammation, virus, boost CD4 Cells, boost CD8 T cells , boost white blood cells, helps with lung cancer, may even work well with platinum -based chemo , please ask your doctor if they would suggest you take this herb along with your platinum-base. Great for lung cancer after care


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