Camu Camu – 60 Capsules – Vitamin C – BEST FORM OF VITAMIN C – food grade straight from the berry from the Amazon Forest- Immunity Health – Bleeding Gums – Nose bleed – Rectal Bleeding – nose bleeding- herpes – birth control deficiency – WBC – elevate your WBC – better WBC – Virus – Kaposi Sarcoma, elevate white blood cells, elevate T cells. from Brazil – 40 times more vitamin C than an orange! – helps lower lung tissue damage especially due to vaping or smoking- vapers



40 times more vitamin C than an orange!

This product has no citric acid! Just Camu Camu Fruit Extract 400mg

Take 1-3 times daily  Note: We take 2-3 during the virus season!

Many times when your body is uneccesarily bleeding such as your gums or  bleeding from your rectum, you need more Vitamin C. Camu is straight from the berry so it is a better grade than your regular vitamin C  sources that are popular in stores across the US.

Helps with:

Vitamin C intake

Bleeding gums

Clear Skin


Cold sores

Builds the Immune System



Cold and Flu