Ginger Oil- lymphatic drain massage oil – 30 ml bottle- FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY – massage, massage oil, body oil, oil, lump under the arm from Covid Vaccine, underarm lump, unexplained swelling, lymphedema, varicose veins, swelling feet, swollen legs, swollen feet, swollen arm, lymph node massage, lymphatic care, oils, lump in your armpit, lump in armpit after covid vaccine, knot under armpit( if vaccine lump or knot lasts for more than 6 weeks please see a doctor) Google: lymphatic exercises, lymph must be exercised in order to move up and out and be drained, use this oil on the head, neck, feet,and abdomen, the areas of lymphatic concentration, it’s great after a warm shower or bath, massaging will this oil will help to move the lymph as well, also consider our DRY BRUSH for dry brushing the lymphatic system, use the oil and lymph drainage teas and capsules for at least 3 months! Use our search engine : lymph nodes or lymphatic system

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Ingredients: Ginger oil. Ginger Root Extracts, and Jojoba Seed Oil.  EXTERNAL USE ONLY

Suggested Use: To improve blood circulation and heart health,  rub one to two drops over the heart twice daily. For muscle and joint pain, rub two to three drops  of the oil on the needed area, twice a day. Apply after a warm bath is recommended. Most clients say that they see great results after 1-2 weeks. Just keep  massaging the area twice daily! You can even pre-heat the oil if you desire.

For larger areas like legs and arms, just use as many drops of oil as needed for that area.

Great for: 

lymphatic drainage


spider veins

varicose veins

boosts detoxification

removes excessive fluids