LUPUS BE GONE Ultimate Care Kit- We call it …The Lupus 10!


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It’s best to purchase the kit in it’s entirety for maximum results, plus you get some savings on the final price! However, feel free to look through the list and purchase your Zuleana items separately based upon your personal needs.

  1.  Zuleana approved Matcha Green Tea Powder- high, premium, ceremonial grade – gives you lots of balanced energy!  The powerful powder helps to open up the blood vessels which lowers the risk of heart disease.- from Japan
  2.  Zuleana approved Turmeric/Bromelain Joint Pills- good for memory loss from India
  3. Turmeric Powder- great for  inflammation, memory loss and pain. Always try to add BLACK PEPPER  to the turmeric which is needed for maximum potency of turmeric. Just add almond or coconut milk and a bit of raw honey. You can drink it hot or cold. Also place the  turmeric powder on your clean meats and veggies! Some even place the powder in their oatmeal  with a bit of honey.
  4.  Zuleana approved Thyme Tea- Organic – very powerful! This tea helps contains potent anti-viral properties.
  5.  Zuleana approved Probiotic- 50 billion CFUs – 16 strains –  in a temperature protective container- no refrigeration needed. Take one a day.
  6.  Zuleana approved African Pre-biotic Fiber-Organic- The prebiotics  feed the probiotics which is a perfect combination.
  7.  Zuleana approved Vitamin D3- 5,000 IUS without dangerous titanium dioxide or croscarmellous sodium!!Vitamin D3 level must get up to a  level of 60 in order to relieve maxium pain. Keep an eye on your Vitamin D3 level at your doctors office. It is a MUST for healthy bones,  helps with exposure to sun light, boosts brain cells and builds immune system. It is also anti-cancer!
  8. Zuleana Cod Liver Oil- from Norway-  from the best and freshest waters.
  9. Vitamin B Complex- with BIOTIN for hair growth!
  10. Ginger Root Tea- organic- great for pain, inflammation, nausea, vomiting and settling the stomach.

11. ***The Zuleana- a New Way of Life Book/Guide is MUST. Order the book separately right here in my Zuleana store! For the Zuleana clean eating disease prevention protocol.

12. You can also add the NEW 2022 tea called Pau D’ Arco Tea is amazing for Lupus!


Lupies….I got you! xoxo, Coach Cee Cee Michaela

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