Sore Throat Crystals -Sinus- Anti-Congestion – Sore Throat- Cold -Flu Powder Packs- 5 packs – place entire package in about 5-6 oz. of hot water, stir and drink -green packs – little green packs – Singers Tea, Pastors Tea, Speakers Tea, Speaker, Cheerleaders- help bring your voice back! Voice Tea- laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsil tea. Voice Tea. $5, 5 dollars, green pack, green packet, crystals, Pastors tea, Pastor, Singer, Speaker, Cheerleader



Includes: 5 small packs that taste awesome!


This is Chinese herbs powder that is great for clearing sinus congestion! Simply open the pack and pour the whole pack of powder in 5-6 oz. of warm or hot water, stir and drink! Take a pack every four hours and take no more than three packs a day. The powder has a nice mild taste and is mixed with little honey crystals!