Vitamin A – (1500MCG/ 5000 IU) -100 capsules -vegan friendly- ANEMIA, dry eyes, Night Blindness and healthy immune function, Those who have intestinal issues in the small intestines ( IBD/ Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, etc.) helps ovarian cancer, may have lower levels of Vitamin A, E and K. Vegans need this vitamin badly!



Vegans and vegetarians  may need this vitamin desperately because of their eating lifestyle. Note: Vegans and Vegetarians may also need our  Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D3, and Zinc capsules as well. Be sure to eat 2 Brail Nuts a day to get enough Selenium.

Children and teenagers may need Vitamin A if they do not eat fish, eggs, Broccoli carrots and apricots. Vegans are  usually the most deficient even if they eat a lot of Broccoli and carrots. Fish and eggs are a very high source!

VEGAN  help



Protects eyes from Night Blindness

Reduce Acne

Supports bone health

Promotes healthy growth and reproduction

May lower risks of certain cancers

Kaposi Sarcoma