*MOST POPULAR 2023/24 Zuleana® Blood Work/Lab Results Nutritional Consultation with Coach Cee Cee – On Super Sale for 2024 New Year! Over the Phone Consult – Up to 120 minutes for $135.00 – You must schedule and complete your session within 10 business days of your purchase. Be sure to call us @ 917-903-2519 to schedule your appointment. Failure to schedule and complete your consultation within 10 business days will result in forfeiting your session and there will be NO REFUND. Please have your Lab Results printed out with pen and paper to take notes. This system will charge you $7.50 for shipping. but nothing will be shipped. This is to total $135.00

Original price was: $200.00.Current price is: $127.50.



Coach Cee Cee goes over your Blood Panel work such as: A1C,  LDL, HDL, D3, TSH, eGFR, WBC,  B12, B6, liver enzymes, Albumin, CO2,   etc. She may  also enlighten you about Lab Test that you  may need that your doctor did not suggest, but may help save your health! Coach Cee Cee is backed by 28 years of client experience,  independent  research and natural medicine hunting in 15 countries. She has very successful and effective help and advise for over 450 health issues. Many of her clients have received amazing  health results and better lab results after her consultations. The doctors are always asking my clients, “Wow, you look great and your lab results are so much better, what are you doing?” They always say, “it’s  my clean eating system called Zuleana®… I finally added a Nutrition Coach to my self care!”

She will customize her Zuleana Eating Lifestyle to your health needs
She helps you fix any and all mineral and vitamin deficiencies
She goes over dangerous hidden chemicals and GMOs in your foods
She helps you understand foods that harm and foods that heal
She helps you understand tumors, cysts, boils, fibroids and how to eradicate them

  • IF YOU HAVE ANY PRIOR BLOOD WORK, PRINT OUT YOUR BLOOD WORK AND HAVE IT WITH YOU DURING THE CONSULTATION. We will go over ALL of your numbers and results. We may go a little over an hour so please be prepared for 2 hours at the most for your consultation.


All consultation appointments are from Monday-Friday 9am-5m EST with 2pm EST being the best time, on a daily basis for Coach Cee Cee

 Note: An automatic shipping charge will be added to the $127.50. for a total of $135.00 for your consultation fee; however, NOTHING will be shipped to you.