Girls Worth Movement

An abstinence until marriage initiative founded in 2005 by Cee Cee Michaela. Under the umbrella of her non-profit, Godzgirl Network, the abstinence educator and advocate empowers thousands of girls in the US and beyond. Cee Cee practices what she teaches and was abstinent for ten years and nine months before being found by her Boaz, Wilbert Floyd! During those ten years she traveled the world with her own Purity Ring Ceremony where each girl received purity, etiquette and life skills training along with a beautiful candlelit ceremony. Each girl is blessed with a beautiful sterling silver cross purity ring and purity resolution. Even though Cee Cee is now happily married to the love of her life, she continues to perform her ceremonies with a deep understanding and love for young girls and single women who are all truly worth the wait. #puritymatters

Cee Cee’s workshops, training, and speeches help girls/young ladies who are single to implement the following:

  • Reading more books
  • Writing her own book
  • Expressing her thoughts through poetry
  • Writing a personal mission statement
  • Learning how to guard her heart
  • Realizing the dangers of negative self talk and self image
  • Learning the difference between lust and love
  • Learning the signs of domestic violence and manipulation
  • Learning how to stay focused on her purpose and calling
  • Meditating diligently on how she  will make a difference in this world
  • Understanding the importance of travel, cultural awareness, positive exposure, and personal cultivation

Cee Cee travels all over the world to teach purity training and hosts her famous ALL WHITE purity ring ceremonies!  Best for ages 11 and up and all size parties are welcome.  Many of the ceremonies include young girls as well as women ages 25-40 who are single!

  • 2005 – Norcross/Atlanta, GA – 400 girls
  • 2006 – Atlanta, GA – 350 girls & boys
  • 2007 – Austell/Atlanta, GA – 400 girls
  • 2008 – Marietta, Atlanta, GA – 500 girls
  • 2010 – Hollywood, CA – 15 girls – PRIVATE for Terry Crew’s Girls – (Nationally Televised for the CREWS FAMILY SHOW- BET NETWORK)
  • 2011 – Chicago, IL – 10 girls – PRIVATE PURITY BIRTHDAY PARTY!
  • 2014 – St. Lucia (Yana’s Women of Substance Ministry) – 40 young ladies
  • 2015 – Greenville, SC (Remnant Girlz) – 40 girls
Purity Ring and A Girls Worth Movement


Cee Cee travels all over the world empowering and educating youth in the following areas:

  • Character
  • Etiquette
  • Leadership
  • Manners
  • Self esteem
  • Decision making
  • Goal setting and Purity.

What You Will Receive

  • 1 Hour Speeches
  • 2-3 Intensives
  • Conference Guest/Keynote Speaker
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