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“I love Coach Cee Cee’s products and consultations online store! My love for the green soap is REAL! I had... Read More
“I began working with Coach Cee Cee in March 2024 to focus on weight loss. After our initial  Weight Loss... Read More
“I was having issues with constipation. I added extra fiber, increased my water and still, nothing. After my General Health... Read More
“I have been with Coach Cee Cee Michaela “The Harriet Tubman of Health ” for 7 years. Zuleana has helped... Read More
“I participated in the January 2024 Weight Challenge to drop 20lbs in 30 days. I am co-winner of the challenge!... Read More
“Thank you so much , Coach Cee Cee! I can’t say enough about you and the weight loss consultation. I... Read More
“I am so excited about Coach Cee Cee ! I been with her for years  and she is amazingly gifted... Read More
“THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!! When I say that Coach Cee Cee is truly wonderful, dedicated, supportive, caring and an overall sincere... Read More
“I L❤️ VE everything about the Zuleana Nutrition Services! During the 1 on 1 consultation Coach Cee Cee taught me... Read More
“I thank God for Coach Cee Cee!  When I came to her I was suffering with anxiety and heart palpitations.... Read More
“Coach Cee Cee you are everything! Your Zuleana®️ Weight Loss Protocol is absolutely successful! Your accountability and support is unmatched... Read More
“As a mother of 4 children, I struggled with being able to manage due to being disabled neurologically in addition... Read More
“Coach Cee Cee is one of the biggest blessings God has put in my life! She is the answer to... Read More
“Coach Cee Cee I met you in a time of my life where my health was really, really bad but... Read More
“I can’t say enough about Coach Cee Cee! I have loved working with her. I chose the 1 on 1... Read More
“Thanks to Coach Cee Cee for an awesome class! I have taken water aerobics classes for years and I learned... Read More
“Coach Cee Cee is truly a one of a kind hidden jewel. She is very knowledgeable of the human body... Read More
“Thank you Coach Cee Cee for all of your knowledge that you shared with me. The Zuleana green soap and... Read More
“The amount of care and genuine concern you pour into many is amazing!! I purchased your book, Zuleana-A New Way... Read More
“My first purchase was the book, Zuleana – A New Way of Life & I also received The Adventures of... Read More
“I love the  Zuleana Way of life and Ms. Cee Cee, Coach, Founder and Ceo! You saved my life because... Read More
“I’m so happy to have met Coach Cee Cee. Her consultations are amazing and then I was introduced to the... Read More
“I have been on the Zuleana®  way going on three years. I’m so glad to say I’m 118 pounds down... Read More
“CEO and Founder of Zuleana, Cee Cee Michaela I have known for less than three weeks but she has forever... Read More
“I dropped 88lbs with Zuleana in just 10 short months. From 245 lbs to 147 lbs, with Zuleana®️, I was... Read More
“Thank you and my deepest gratitude Coach Extraordinaire CeeCee Michaela for making my journey to achieving my weight loss goals... Read More
“Coach Cee Cee’s uncommon approach to the wellness marketplace ministry is saturated with divine inspiration, passionate intention and robust sentiment!... Read More
“Hello! My name is Denise. I’m a newbie to the Zuleana sisterhood. I’ve been in Zuleana for 21 whole days... Read More
“Coach Cee Cee possibly saved me from accidentally committing suicide. I was taking St. John’s Wort and a mixture of... Read More
“My name is Sonya Bowens Williamson from Birmingham, Alabama. I was experiencing some health issues and my friend, Stacey Scott... Read More
“Zuleana has been amazing! I feel great! Zuleana is more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I was an avid... Read More
“Right after my pulmonologist mentioned weight loss surgery to me,  I saw, Zuleana Girl, Stacey Scott on Facebook and decided... Read More
“Zuleana is just the program I’ve been searching for. I’ve been on the program for two weeks and have lost... Read More
“I was searching for a way to lose weight and being unable to fit my work clothes was disheartening. God... Read More
“I’ll admit, I got off track! But…… Got my Zuleana-A New Way of Life book and so happy I did!... Read More
“Today, I got a consultation from Cee Cee. When I tell you that she blew me away, please believe me.... Read More
“I thought I knew something about healthy eating; however, since I have read the Zuleana book. It has been a... Read More
“I want to tell you that Zuleana is more than just a weight loss system, it is a way of... Read More
“I’ve tried various methods to loose weight but I  have never considered my physical and mental health. After learning through... Read More
“I joined the Zuleana Underground Train August 8, 2017. I encouraged my 17 year old son to join me. When... Read More
“MY FIBROIDS ARE GONE!!!! I’ve been following Coach Cee Cee since 2013. I watched one of her Facebook LIVE posts... Read More
“Just wanted to let you know what a God send you have been to me. During these 7 months on... Read More
“First off, God placse people in your space for a reason. I started following Cee Cee when she was doing... Read More
“I’m so excited that Ms. Cee Cee Michaela called me. The “Harriet Tubman of Health”. First it was the message... Read More
“I want to have a heart to heart with you about Coach Cee Cee and the Zuleana train. Not once,... Read More
“Cee Cee Michaela…all I can say is Thank you! The one-on-one consultation was life changing. Being diagnosed with lupus a... Read More
“I am so excited to be a part of  the Zuleana Underground Train #2. I talked to my husband about... Read More
“I am so grateful to Coach Cee Cee. My testimony is a little different. I had a total hysterectomy over... Read More
“I am so excited to have the Zuleana book! It has so much information about healthy living! I read it... Read More
“I am so excited about this journey!! I have been looking at this website and I received by book–Zuleana A... Read More
“I completed my consultation with Coach Cee Cee a few days ago. Let me just say that I was BLOWN... Read More
“I had a chance to be one of her proofreaders! WOW! Cee Cee’s new book, Zuleana- A New Way of... Read More
“Coach Cee Cee Michaela and the Zuleana Way truly has helped me with my nutrition, weight loss, support, medical issues, and more.... Read More
“This has been a wonderful journey with coach CeeCee. She will definitely keep you on the right track by correcting you,... Read More
“You’re amazing Coach Cee Cee!  Your love of nutrition and helping each #ZuleanaGirl reach success is so evident! I love... Read More
“These products are amazing and so wonderful! The Zuleana teas, supplements, and minerals are so beneficial. Her vitamins and powders are gentle,... Read More
“Zuleana is truly awesome! I am not only losing weight but gaining much needed energy. The products are so affordable... Read More
“When I encountered Coach Cee Cee Michaela, a new life began for me. she helped me to finally  understand nutrition better! I obtained... Read More
“Try the Zuleana products. If it worked for me it will work for you and it will change your life.... Read More
“I’m proud to be onboard of this amazing underground journey to health and fitness for life! Thank you for coaching... Read More
“I am truly thankful for having Cee Cee Michaela as my mentor, I join the Zuleana sisterhood on April 2017,  one... Read More
“Yes! Finally a system that works for us by us! Coach Cee Cee knows our bodies … our make up... Read More
“Wow! Before I started this journey, I didn’t know what to do or how I was going to lose weight and... Read More
“Hi , I am Tanesse Campbell  I started the Zuleana program on June 5th 2017. I have lost 21 pounds in eight... Read More
“I am now down 32 lbs. and eating clean has made me realize how good it makes me feel about... Read More

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