Kalesha From Atlanta, GA


MY FIBROIDS ARE GONE!!!! I’ve been following Coach Cee Cee since 2013. I watched one of her Facebook LIVE posts and was very intrigued on how knowledgeable she was about nutrition. During that time, I was diagnosed with having 2 fibroids; one the size of a lemon and the other was a tid bit smaller. I followed Coach Cee Cee’s advice and purchased her flavored, stabilized, Aloe Vera Juice. The bottle was quite unique and the potency of the juice was of high quality. I changed my diet and consumed the juice as directed. Several months later, I visited my OB/GYN for a follow up appointment to determine what measures would be taken to remove the fibroids if necessary. Procedurally, my doctor did another ultrasound. She began to look concerned while examining me. Several minutes went by in complete silence. Honestly, i was nervous. Then she stated, “Well, I only see 1 and it’s the size of a grape. I think I see the other one but I’m unsure. See, fibroids sometimes shrink and then return”. It took a little time for me to process what she was saying. I became overjoyed and knew that she couldn’t find a scientific way to explain the power of prayer plus the special, flavored, stabilized Aloe Vera Juice that I purchased from Coach Cee Cee’s website! But God! Coach CeeCee is a jewel and she mentors from the heart. Please receive the pearls of wisdom she’s willing to sow in your life. I’m joining Zuleana because her methods are tried and true. She aided in the shrinkage of my fibroids. Now, let’s shrink this fat and cellulite! :). Love you Coach CeeCee!!!

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