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Before and after shots are  a very important part of your weight loss journey. You will be so glad that you documented your weight loss via pictures. Plus, this is one of the mandatory steps  needed to be able to get on my Zuleana  Weight Loss Underground Train. You don’t need a Canon EOS M5 to take decent before and afters shots,  you can use your camera phone, just make sure the lens is clean! You don’t know how many blurry “before” pictures I have received because of a simple, dirty lens. SMH!

Please follow these “Before and After” rules:

  • Make sure you have good lighting
  • Wear black fitted pants and a pink, teal, blue, or green t-shirt
  • Make sure the t-shirt is very fitted and a solid color–no patterns or logos!
  • Wear the exact same clothes every time
  • Stand in the same location every time
  • Face the same direction every time
  • Make sure there are no pictures, books, posters, shower curtains– nothing on the wall behind you
  • Make sure your hair is back and away your face

  Note: This picture is an “AFTER” picture where she has lost 20 pounds in  8 weeks with Zuleana!

  • Pose with arms by your side, on your hips,  and up in a surrender position
  • Relax your hands and arms by your upper legs, please do not hold your hands behind your back!
  • Don’t hold your stomach in at all, just relax and stand in a natural position
  • Make sure you take a picture from the front, side, and back.
  • Your side or profile picture will probably be your best picture to see the best results
  • Try to have someone take the picture so you do not have to do a selfie
  • Write down the number of your starting weight  and inches and keep it safe
  • Try to take new pictures every time you lose weight about 12-15 pounds, then again around 18-22pounds, and again at 27-31 pounds!

Almost every one of my Zuleana Girls say that they did not realize  how much weight they had lost until they saw how much smaller they were in their Before and After pictures. So your before and after picture is a great motivation tool. Note: Every Zuleana Girl  must present her “before” picture to Coach Cee Cee before she is able to board the underground accountability train. Also, every Zuleana Girl must take a picture with her Zuleana Box. Hold it up by your pretty  face and smile! These two pictures are what you will posts to introduce yourself once  you  have been invited  onto the train.  From there, every post will be pictures of your daily Zuleana meals and workouts.

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