If you’re thinking to yourself…

  • “Cee Cee, I want you to be  one of my MAIN speakers for my EXPO and please, bring your Zuleana® Products with you!
  • “Cee Cee, I need you as a KEYNOTE SPEAKER and want to have your Zuleana® Products  set up  as well at my upcoming womens conference!”
  • “Coach, I need a Natural Health Expert for my PANEL!
  • “Coach, I want my whole congregation to get on this HEALTH TRAIN! Can you conduct a  HEALTH TRAIN RIDE just for us?”  
  • Coach, I want my whole family tree to be blessed with your wisdom. Can the Harriet Tubman of health arrive at my family reunion to come teach the TRUTH about this food and these meds?!” 
  • Ms. Cee Cee,  we would  love for you to come share your interactive health and fitness knowledge with students at a few schools in our area. Also, could you bring your books to sell as well?

No Problem, I got you!

“Hi, I’m Cee Cee Michaela and they call me The Harriet Tubman of Health! I have 23 years of natural health experience, avid research and natural alternative medicine for over 200 diseases! I have taught my natural health seminar and wellness techniques as far as St. Lucia and Japan! I love helping people “up” their nutritional knowledge. You are what you  eat and what you don’t eat! I’d be delighted to be your ZULEANA® WEIGHT LOSS and DISEASE PREVENTION CONDUCTOR!”

– Coach Cee Cee

Special Note: Zuleana Nutrition and Cardio programs are grant-friendly and foster the educational, health, cultural, and recreational development of the community.  Cee Cee offers dynamic, interactive knowledge.


  • Cee Cee always travels with her husband, so 2 plane tickets to your city/country will be needed.
  • Sometimes Coach Cee Cee and her husband, Wilbert, like to roll out in the Zuleanamobile to an event, but only if your event is 1-4 hours within their resident location at the time, which is usually somewhere on the EAST COAST.
  • 1 Hotel room with 1 King size bed ( Hampton, Hilton, Omni, Double Tree or Marriot are all fine!) Make sure to have water bottles in the hotel room and at her podium during the event. Her preferred water brand is: Fiji, Essentia or any other alkaline water bottles.
  • Choose your EVENT location (indoors or outdoors)- Let us know your location ASAP!Make sure there is a podium with a microphone or a prop table with a microphone.
  • Make sure you have a second microphone and a volunteer host to pass the mic around in your audience for health questions during Q & A.
  • Make sure everyone has pen and paper for note taking Coach Cee Cee’s amazing health secrets.
  • Make sure each person has an index card (which will remain anonymous) to write down their health issues which will be collected by Coach Cee Cee at the very beginning of the seminar so she can place emphasis on your audience’s specific health needs and concerns.
Zuleana® Product and Books Table
  • You will provide 2 to 3 (6 foot, rectangle tables) for the Zuleana® Products and Zuleana® Books. NOTE: We bring our own black linen that fits 2/3 (6 foot tables.) We also have 1 (8 foot) table linen. Let us know in advance what size tables you have available. Coach Cee Cee prefers rectangle tables.
  • Yes! Cee Cee can provide as many books ($21) as you need and even signs and takes pictures with your guests! Let us know how many books to bring as soon as you know the estimated number of guests as sometimes we will need to ORDER the books ahead of time and in time for your event.
  • We like to set up the ZULEANA® products area at least 1-2 hours before the actual event time.
Zuleana® Tasty Samplers
  • Depending on the supply and season, Coach Cee Cee likes to share her PEACH ALOE samplers and TASTY SINUS formula with the audience. BOTH are amazingly yummy and very healing to the body and helps build the immune system! Please let us know if small liquid samples are allowed in the area that you choose for your seminar.
How Long Does the Seminar Lasts
  • The Zuleana® Seminar Experience runs about 1 hour and 1/2 with a 30 minute Q & A. That’s 2 hours total. (This time frame can be augmented.)
  • Shop ‘Til You Drop at the Zuleana® Booth will need at least 1 hour once the seminar has ended for your attendees to ask product questions and have fun shopping, book signing and taking pictures with Coach Cee Cee and their cute Zuleana® bags and book!
Zuleana® Cardio
  • You can also include 20 minutes of my ZULEANA® AFRICAN DANCE CARDIO… but only if your attendees will get up and dance with me! So make sure they dress comfortably if you choose to have the cardio included. Let us know what you decide.
Vintage Style Zuleana® Train Ticket (Optional)

MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS GET THEIR HEALTH FREEDOM TICKET TODAY! This is an example of an actual Zuleana® Train book mark ticket or lanyard ticket we can make available for your attendees. (Price depends on the number of tickets that you will need.)

A few example questions Coach Cee Cee may ask the audience during the seminar
  1. Does your lunch have a glycemic load that would cause your blood sugar to rise?
  2. Do you eat night fruits during the morning time?
  3. Do you eat too many proteins in one sitting?
  4. Imagine looking at this beautiful health platter below and not knowing which 3 foods actually make you GAIN WEIGHT!

Yes! This is the kind of feedback and knowledge you will receive during the ZULEANA® SEMINAR!

Zuleana® Seminar Promotion Materials

Check out this flyer from Coach Cee Cee’s recent Zuleana® booking- a GIRLIE Gathering!

Cee Cee releases a MEDIA KIT which includes: her bio, speaker photo, seminar banner and requirements reminder sheet to help you prepare and promote your event once a contract has been signed and fee has been paid. The banner is great for your promo emails, FB posts and weekly announcements on the overhead screens at church.

Seminar | Speaker Payment | Fee | Honorarium

Fill out Cee Cee’s booking form under her CONTACT button and she will get back to you with her SPEAKER /SEMINAR FEE/HONORARIUM within 24 hours.


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