Hi! I’m Cee Cee Michaela…The Harriet Tubman of Health! Let me be your weight loss & nutrition coach! You can start at any time! C’mon and join the Underground Weight Loss Train Program.

Have You heard of the massive weight loss success of ZULEANA®?


Hi, I’m Cee Cee Michaela! I am a motivational speaker and natural health coach with 24 years of Natural Health Experience. I absolutely love researching cutting-edge health solutions. I am also a medicine hunter. Yes, I actually travel the world seeking out natural medicine! Whether it’s the finest, international, apothecary shops to the lesser walked nature trails of global forests, I adore everything about botany, anatomy, and holistic health solutions. I must admit, creating and developing Zuleana® Nutrition Solutions has been my most impactful endeavor yet. So much so, that I branded, federally registered/trademarked my business name, and wrote a book about it! The testimonies of my clients while using my Zuleana® system are truly breathtaking! Take some time out to hear the Zuleana® Story and maybe even INVEST IN YOURSELF because great health matters. I hope you will join us!  “Learn how to eat and drink colors that KILL FAT & DISEASE.”



There Are 4  Zuleana® Participation Levels

  •  LEVEL 1-Customer– Shop on our site without weight loss coaching by Cee Cee

  • Level 2-Personal Coaching and the Sisterhood Train–  You’ve read the Zuleana® Book, you are taking the Melt Belly Fat 3-Piece Kit  but this level taps into : ACCOUNTABILITY unto Coach Cee Cee,  the Zuleana® Wisdom Call/Education with Coach Cee Cee (2 hours per week).  Note: Your personal invite to the call will come from Coach Cee Cee as she sees that you are ready. ALERT: You are expected to notify Coach ahead of time if and when you are not able to attend the call).  You will provide your Documentation Questionnaire and  Weigh-Ins every Tuesday Morning until you reach your “New Normal” Final Zuleana® New Normal Weight Loss Goal.  Cee Cee Michaela invites you to coach with her once you have thoroughly read, understood and are following her Zuleana® book’s instructions,  turned in your BEFORE picture ( as explained below). She must she see a steady weekly weight loss progress using the Zuleana® Way, possess a willingness to be COACHABLE, and a yearning  and understanding of nutrition accountability. Coach Cee Cee usually coaches in small groups, so not everyone makes it to her coaching program. She is seeking SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.

  • Level 3-Zuleana® Queens–  You are personally coached for  Zuleana® Weight Loss by Cee Cee Michaela,  receiving her Accountability,  attending her Zuleana® Wisdom Call/Zuleana University (which includes  8-10 hours per week of NUTRITION EDUCATION- or 80-108 HOURS  OF NUTRITION EDUCATION PER YEAR). ALERT: You are expected to notify Coach ahead of time if and when you are unable to attend the call.  You are providing mandatory Weekly Documentation/Weigh-Ins and you receive a 25 pounds down Zuleana® t-shirt, 30 pounds down Zuleana® custom earrings, Zuleana® Weight Loss medal at 50 pounds down, and a 5- inch  Zuleana® CROWN once you reach 75 pounds down using the Zuleana® Way. ( See Queen Rules and Requirements below). IF NOT ADHERED TO, YOUR CROWN MAY BE REVOKED. 


  • Level 4-Zuleana® Travel Jacket and Performance/Maintenance Team – THIS LEVEL IS ALL ABOUT [TEAM SPIRIT] and the [LOVE OF SISTERHOOD].  You will be personally GROOMED for MAJOR TRAVEL and LIFE SUCCESS by Cee Cee Michaela. You will enter the  Zuleana® Weight Loss Maintenance ACCOUNTABILITY unto Coach Cee Cee as well as your other team members. You will be invited to the Zuleana® Wisdom Call/Zuleana® University ( 8-10 HOURS OF NUTRITION EDUCATION PER WEEK or 80-108 HOURS PER YEAR!).  ALERT: You are expected to notify Coach ahead of time if and when you are not able to attend the call.   You will provide “Continued” WEEKLY Documentation Questionnaire/Weigh-Ins. EVERY TUESDAY MORNING, your documentation/weigh-in results are expected. You will receive Personal Mentorship by Coach Cee Cee. On this level, a queen or participant has reached her Final  ZULEANA® New Normal Weight Goal,  so she stays and SERVES as a zealous “Active”  and “POSITIVE” Role Model to the Sisterhood. She gets to TRAVEL with Coach Cee Cee across the US and beyond as a “Zuleana® Success Story” advocate and share her Zuleana® testimony.  *NOTE: This is the highest level and anyone on this level must adhere to ALL Zuleana® Queen and Travel Team guidelines or your crown and /or travel jacket may be revoked. Also, if you have reached your final Zuleana® Normal Weight and have maintained that weight goal for one full year, you are only required to do  your Tuesday Weigh-In/Documentation once a month which is every FIRST TUESDAY of the month.

Join us at any level and just work your way up! Plus we have even more weight loss rewards below! You are going to love it!

**  SPECIAL NOTE: Zuleana® Nutrition Solutions is NOT a marketing company or network marketing company. We simply offer weight loss products and Cee Cee Michaela’s nutritional coaching and educational services. Upon your success in Levels 2-4, you may be rewarded with a Zuleana® t-shirt,  a medal/s, a plaque, a little black dress and/or a crown; however, we DO NOT offer nor provide any compensation, sponsorship or travel stipends to any Zuleana® weight loss participants or Zuleana® weight loss winners. We do not promote individual or group projects not connected or related to Zuleana® except with approval by Cee Cee Michaela, the proprietor of Zuleana®. After you receive your rewards ( shirt, medals, crown, etc.), the rewards are just that,  simply rewards for all of your hard work and dedication.  You are not expected to be a spokesperson and/or a consultant at any time. It is our hope, that you would simply continue to spread the good news of the Zuleana® Way’s Nutrition and Weight loss successful method and product satisfaction to others.


Please be aware that once you decide to enter our coaching services you will  be asked to sign a simple disclaimer explaining that your Zuleana® BEFORE and AFTER pictures as well,  photos of the Zuleana® Book with Zuleana® meals and drinks, Zuleana®-based lifestyle pictures, Zuleana® branded pictures and all pictures taken at Zuleana® Meetups and  Zuleana® Events including pictures while wearing Zuleana® Gear  (shirts, pants, jacket, medals) and/or Zuleana® Dresses and Crowns as well as your written weekly weight loss documentation questionnaire/weigh in results  will become the intellectual property of Zuleana® Nutrition and proprietor, Cee Cee Michaela.  (We highly suggest you  scroll to the bottom of this website and click Privacy Policy to see  our FULL DISCLAIMER as well our INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RULES and RIGHTS.)

ALERT: Coach Cee Cee teaches from her diligent 26 years of research/The Zuleana® Way of Life Book 1 and (upcoming)  Zuleana® Book 2, which are copy written and registered with the Library of Congress. Her Logo, Brand, Business Name (Zuleana®),  Nutrition Counseling, Fitness Style (Zuleana® Cardio) and Teachings- Zuleana® – A New Way of Life- are protected by federal law through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Any misuse, unapproved use, tampering,  infringing, duplicating, imitating, plagiarism, or writing malpractice of her brand, business name, Zuleana® Book(s) or Zuleana Educational Teachings during her Meet Ups, Coaching Sessions, Educational Calls or Consultations will lead to legal action. 

To add, the  Zuleana® Jackets and Zuleana® Crowns must be worn and or used for Zuleana® Queen Representation, Zuleana® Travel Trips, and Zuleana® Promotional Purposes ONLY. The Zuleana® Crown , Zuleana® Medals,  Zuleana® Plaques and/or Zuleana® Jacket should NEVER BE WORN OR USED  FOR PERSONAL USE, PERSONAL GAIN, NOR TO PROMOTE OTHER BUSINESSES, BRANDS OR CAMPAIGNS. These actions will lead to legal repercussions.

Most Sincerely,

CEO and Coach Cee Cee Michaela


In 2016 Cee Cee opened her Creativity Studio where she created better health for hundreds of families.  Zuleana® Cardio & Weight Loss in South Carolina. Yes, actual LIVE Zuleana® African Cardio Dance and Zuleana® Nutrition Classes with Cee Cee Michaela. (Her studio is permanently closed and she is currently on her Zuleana® Tour!)

While Cee Cee is currently traveling with her ZULEANA® NUTRITIONAL SEMINAR and CHANGE YOUR PALATE TASTING TOUR, dates are still available for booking her to have her speak in your city! She is constantly coaching ladies on her UNDERGOUND TRAIN! What are you waiting for? Hop on the Underground Train Today!


Zuleana® T-Shirt

Zuleana® T-Shirt & Matching Earrings

25 Pounds Down  ( Shirt)

30 Pounds Down ( Earrings)


Zuleana® Medal

Zuleana® Medal  and Zuleana

50 Pounds Down

Zuleana Queen Crown

Zuleana® Queen Crown and Zuleana

75 Pounds Down


The Zuleana® UNDERGROUND TRAIN Rewards Program  is SO MUCH FUN and a fabulous CHALLENGE! Just stay in close contact with COACH CEE CEE by joining her coaching program. Send her pictures of your ZULEANA WEIGHT LOSS  journey ( Before and Afters) and rake in the Zuleana PRIZES!

What Must I Do to Get Started

Step 1

  1. Be sure to buy the ZULEANA® book and my #-piece Melt Belly Fat Kit first! This is mandatory! No Zuleana® book and kit, no entry to the  REWARDS program! 2.  WEIGH yourself on a DIGITAL SCALE.  3. Take a picture of your SCALE weight 4. Take a BEFORE PICTURE ( wear black bottoms and a tight and bright colored top or tank.)  You must reach out to Coach with your  Smiling face/Zuleana Book and BEFORE PROFILE picture and some basic health questionnaire info in order to get the rewards.Text your images over to COACH CEE CEE or email all images to her at Zuleanalife@yahoo.com
Step 2

Send in a picture of you smiling with your Zuleana book and your [Before Picture] to Coach Cee Cee at Zuleanalife@yahoo.com

Example pic

Suggestions for your Zuleana BEFORE picture:

1. Make sure you take a picture facing to the side, your PROFILE. You do not have to look at the camera. Do not cut your face out of the picture. I should be able to see the side of your face.

  • 2. Make, sure the background of your picture is a white wall or a brick wall background.
  • 3. Make sure you have good lighting.
  • 4. Make sure you wear a fitted shirt in a bright color with NO LOGOS, WORDS, or
  • PICTURES on your shirt. Do NOT wear a white, black, or gray shirt
  • 5. Wear solid black bottoms, preferably dance/workout pants for women or exercise pants for men
  • Example pic below

Step 3

You will be asked to fill out our Zuleana Underground Train Wellness Assessment Registration/Questionnaire  and Terms and Conditions.

Step 4

1.  YOU MUST BUY  A MELT BELLY  FAT-Piece Kit: Melt Belly Fat Kit ( 3 -Piece Kit: fat burner, liver cleanse,and colon/heavy metal detox.)

2. Share your amazing motivational journey  and transformation with Coach Cee Cee and a very determined and diligent group of fellow participants just like you!

3. THURSDAY  NIGHT POWER CONFERENCE CALLS- 9:00pm-10:30pm EST with Coach Cee Cee Admittance to Coach Cee Cee’s weekly Zuleana Secrets, Strategies, and Special Product Deals EMPOWERMENT  Conference Call (THURSDAY NIGHT 9:00pm EST.) Have your notebooks ready and be in front of your computers.

NOTE: You are expected to take and post pictures and do a FB live video whenever you receive one of our fabulous Zuleana prizes! This will help inspire others and even boost your own confidence!

What Are My Responsibilities as A member of the Train Program

From the coach:

  • I expect you to post on the underground  and or above ground page as much as you can.  You  can post pictures or Facebook LIVE videos of your Zuleana Book, Zuleana meals, testimonies, and exercise/s.
  • I expect you to WEIGH-In EVERY TUESDAY MORNING and turn in your Zuleana Documentation along with your weigh-in before 2 pm on Tuesday.
  • I expect you to be on the (9:30 pm Est.) THURSDAY Night Conference Call and be engaged and excited about your NEW LIFE!
  • I expect you to have fun, work hard and be super happy and supportive to yourself and everyone on the TRAIN!




Once a woman reaches the highest tier of our Zuleana Royalty Club and shows amazing progress and love for the ZULEANA® PROGRAM, I just HAVE TO MAKE HER A ZULEANA® QUEEN! However, much is expected of her at this point. These women are very dedicated and stay in touch with me throughout their journey of Zuleana® Weight Loss. They completely believe in the Zuleana® Way and are totally dedicated… making sure they do not lose focus by mixing my Zuleana® Weight Loss and Nutrition protocol with any other food and/or liquid challenges, methods, and/or diets. Once a Zuleana® Weight Loss Winner becomes a Zuleana® Queen, any and all other dieting or body transformation contests or competitions must be discussed with Cee Cee Michaela for any possible conflicts of interest.

By this time, the Zuleana® participants are receiving their weight loss goals as well as experiencing a leaner body, sharper mind, amazing vitality, energy, zeal, and becoming pain-free using Cee Cee Michaela’s suggested natural medicine alternatives on the Zuleana® Way. Each and every Zuleana® participant has enjoyed the Zuleana® products and protocol and have decided to offer their continued support in Zuleana® Nutrition Solutions. They are living the Zuleana® life and have agreed to represent the Zuleana® Way until they meet their absolute final weight loss/disease prevention goals… and beyond! They sow no discord, nor show any signs of frustration, jealousy, or weariness in well-doing. They are excited to actively take part and closely adhere to the Zuleana Sisterhood Way, Zuleana® Eating Protocol, Zuleana® Guidelines, Queen Zuleana® Crowns Terms and Conditions ( see below), and Queen Zuleana® Crowns Responsibilities ( see below.)

There will be consequences for any unacceptable behavior or negative actions and/or attitude. Zuleana® is a program of constant encouragement from each and every individual that participates. Every participant who is chosen is expected to represent the Zuleana® Way with great enthusiasm and integrity to assure that the Zuleana® Program/s will continue to operate for the benefit of thousands of women, men, and children who will be seeking to participate in the Zuleana® Programs in future years.

ZULEANA® QUEENS can be located anywhere in the United States of America and there can be several queens from the same city or state. Each Zuleana Queen also receive opportunities to share the stage with Coach Cee Cee at events. Each beautiful queen stands as a living testimony as she explains the goodness and blessing of Zuleana®! Each Zuleana Queen is expected to always represent Zuleana in a Godly, positive manner.

She must have authenticity, honesty, good character, leadership, and good judgement. She must set a great Zuleana® Lifestyle example for others and stay in the zealous and supportive spirit of true Zuleana® Sisterhood and Zuleana® Leadership. Once you receive a Zuleana® crown, it is yours for life! (Unless our terms and conditions are dishonored, see below). Our crowns are based on Queen Esther in the Bible and royalty out of Africa, not the pageant crown system. Esther was blessed to go from being an orphan to the Queen of Persia! She was groomed and polished for twelve months (six months with oil of myrrh ( purification) and six months of sweet odours (beautification)…she too had her very own, “LIFE TRANSFORMATION! To add, the oil of myrrh is an antiseptic and anti-fungal oil- used to get rid of any disease and allow for deep cleansing. My 3-piece kit includes properties that deeply cleanse the inner body.



NOTE: If for any reason, a Zuleana® Queen finds that she would like to step down from her position, she must do so in writing. She must clearly explain her reason/s for stepping down to the founder, Cee Cee Michaela, and send email to Coach Cee Cee at: zuleanalife@yahoo.com. Please know that we may have to take your Zuleana® jacket at this point, as a departing queen would no longer be traveling with the Zuleana® Sisterhood and would have no need for the promotional travel jacket.  Please understand every rewards piece is costly. The promotional jacket will be dry cleaned and stored for future purposes. You may keep all other reward pieces  but please understand the travel jackets are promotional and more importantly they are Zuleana® Sisterhood/USA TEAM travel jackets. They were created to obtain a COLLECTIVE, UNIFIED LOOK as we travel and represent/celebrate Zuleana® Weight Loss as one unit, a team, in harmony and unity across the US and beyond. Your crown would only be revoked if you violate the  Zuleana® Queen rules (see below.) or any of our other mandatory  Zuleana® requirements and policies.


Queen Zuleana® #11- Mrs. Glenda Pickens- “Honoring Our Elder” EMERALD Weight Loss Crown

Glenda has reached her perfect Zuleana® NEW NORMAL and went from a 3 to a 9 INCLINE on her treadmill at 73 years, young!

Zuleana® Queen #10 – Atiya Fowler- Philadelphia, PA- 73 pounds down

Zuleana® Queen #9 – Gertrude Spears – Dunn, North Carolina -63 pounds down


Zuleana® Queen #4-  Sonya- Birmingham, Alabama

60 pounds down- she maxed out and could not lose anymore for her height!

FASTEST POUND DROPPER- 60 pounds in 11 weeks!

Zuleana® Queen Vern #5 – Atlanta, Georgia- 75 pounds down!

Zuleana® Queen #7 – Stacey- Birmingham, Alabama- 75 pounds down!

Mother Daughter Dynamic DUO- Double Zuleana Queens

Zuleana® Queen #6 – Taneasha  Parchment – Harrisburg, PA

Zuleana® Queen #8 –  Robbin – Harrisburg,  Pennsylvania

NOTE: Taneasha dropped 75 and is now 116 pounds down!

NOTE: Mom Robbin dropped 56 pounds,  is a #cancerkiller winner and was taken off of blood pressure meds by her doctor after incorporating the Zuleana Way!












Carolyn Adams
Zuleana®Weight Loss Coaching/Sisterhood Program
Carolyn is a single mom and a beloved grandma! She lives in Andrews, SC, where the population is about 2,800. She is loved by all on her job. As a matter of fact, she has inspired those at her job, church, volunteer assignments, and throughout her small town to “get with” the Zuleana® Way. her doctors are in full support of her being on the Zuleana Way She made it possible for Cee Cee Michaela to actually visit Andrews, SC, meet the mayor, and present Zuleana at a wonderful outdoor community event where hundreds were blessed by the knowledge of Zuleana®. Carolyn actually stayed right by Ms. Michaela’s side during the 2-day event and helped served the people- sharing her personal Zuleana® testimony.
Queen Rashatta Daugett
Zuleana®Weight Loss Coaching/Sisterhood Program
Rashatta is a super-happy wife, a pastor’s wife, mother of 2, entrepreneur, and an all around friendly and helpful person. She has written several books and is a master of many great things. Rashatta has been using Cee Cee Michaela’s products since 2013, and is super excited to be part of Coach Cee Cee’s newly trademarked protocol… THE ZULEANA WAY. She has introduced the Zuleana products to her whole family and continues to tirelessly promote the Zuleana Way because she truly believes in it’s quality and effectiveness. She is happy to share her amazing Zuleana weight loss testimony wherever she goes as she receives countless compliments on her amazing “NEW” body transformation. She is a natural peacemaker and loves to serve her family, community, and Zuleana!
Elder Linda Green
Zuleana®Weight Loss Coaching/Sisterhood Program
Linda Green is a doctor and an elder. She is truly a blessing to all who meet her. She loves sharing the goodness of God and the goodness of Zuleana. In December 2017 she held a fabulous birthday party where she invited Coach Cee Cee to speak and present the Zuleana Products. It was a great success. Yes, she received a Zuleana Crown and Sash for her birthday! Her Zuleana Way testimony is powerful and it’s so nice to see her continuously press toward her ultimate weight loss and health goals!
  • Buy (and READ/STUDY) the Zuleana Book and Zuleana Melt Belly Fat ( 3-piece) Kit – (OPEN and start ASAP!)
  • Fill out, sign, and date your Zuleana Royalty Club WELLNESS ASSESSMENT REGISTRATION/QUESTIONNAIRE and Terms and Conditions.
  • Send in your BEFORE picture (Coach’s private inbox) and take AFTER pictures at 25, 50, 75 or more pounds down!
  • Follow the instructions in the Zuleana Book and Coach Cee Cee’s personal nutrition and exercise instructions ( via her Empowerment Conference Calls) with great detail and diligence.
  • MANDATORY! Weigh in on your DIGITAL SCALE EVERY TUESDAY MORNING! (write it down in a notebook and then report your results  to COACH) THIS IS MANDATORY whether your results are good or bad!
  • Post pictures on Facebook or do LIVE FB videos of your ZULEANA JOURNEY
  • Encourage Coach Cee Cee and the other Zuleana participants with your Zuleana Way daily diligence and great/caring attitude
  • Participate in as many Zuleana WELLNESS Calls as possible
  • Exercise at least 3-4 times- (at least 30 minutes per session every week) This can be done at the gym, classes, or at HOME!
  • Place your Zuleana Book, Zuleana shirt, or Zuleana Box in as many pictures as possible when you FB post for Zuleana branding support ( Please tag COACH Cee Cee Michaela in all posts {LIVE VIDEOS and photos) and use the hashtag symbol:#zuleana) You are welcome to post on all SOCIAL MEDIA FORMATS!

There shall be no unacceptable behavior which includes but not limited to: gossiping, abusive, harassing, intimidating, discriminatory, derogatory , demeaning conduct or causing reproach by any participant of the Zuleana Royalty Club Members,related programs and events. If a Zuleana Royalty Club member engages in unacceptable behavior, defamation and/or slander against the founder, Cee Cee Michaela, the Zuleana brand, the Zuleana Administrative Team, and/or a Zuleana Royalty Club Member, your participation and/or crown may be revoked without warning or refund. If you cause any dissention and/or discord with the Zuleana founder, Zuleana Administration Team, or Zuleana Royalty Club Members, your participation in the membership club will be revoked without warning or refund.

QUEEN ZULEANA® CROWN TIER Rules and Regulations – Terms and Conditions

When you are participating in the QUEEN Zuleana Crowns Tier under the guidance of Cee Cee Michaela, you must not participate in any other weight loss programs, diets, nutritional lifestyles, fads, challenges, trends or major, (general/non-religious) fasting programs. These would be considered conflicts of interest. Once accepted into any of Cee Cee Michaela’s Zuleana Programs, we ask that you post ( via a secret/private FB page) your Zuleana progress in pictures or videos and your TUESDAY WEIGH IN with a picture and be actively authentic, supportive, and encouraging to others on the Zuleana Program or you may risk forfeiting your participation in the Queen Zuleana Crowns Program/s. All pictures and videos submitted during your participation in the program/s will be the sole property of Michaela’s Creativity Studio, LLC and the Zuleana brand unless given permission to use otherwise. There shall be no unacceptable behavior or posts which includes but not limited to: gossiping, abusive, harassing, intimidating, discriminatory, derogatory , demeaning conduct or causing reproach by any participant of Queen Zuleana CROWNS PROGRAM and related events. If a Queen Zuleana Crowns Participant engages in unacceptable behavior, defamation and/or slander against the founder, Cee Cee Michaela, the brand, Zuleana, the Zuleana Administrative Team, and/or a Queen Zuleana Crowns Participant, your participation and/or crown may be revoked without warning or refund. If you cause any dissention and/or discord with the Zuleana founder, Zuleana Administration Team, or Zuleana Participants, your participation in the program and/or your crown may be revoked without warning or refund.


If you are subject to unacceptable behavior or posts, notice that someone else is being subject to unacceptable behavior or posts, or have any other concerns, please notify the founder, Cee Cee Michaela, as soon as possible. We want everyone to feel safe and secure during all Zuleana programs and Zuleana events.


After receiving your crown, you may be REMOVED FROM THE ZULEANA ROYALTY CLUB if you do not adhere to the QUEEN ZULEANA Crowns Rules and Regulations-Terms and Conditions and/or if you do not adhere to the ZULEANA ROYALTY CLUB Responsibilities and Expectations. You may be removed without warning or refund.

zuleana case study
Zuleana Health Benefits Chart 2
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