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“Cee Cee Michaela...all I can say is Thank you! The one-on-one consultation was life changing. Being diagnosed with lupus a few years ago was scary & like I told you, I believe to this day...I really had not accepted it but after speaking with you, it literally changed my way of thinking! Your thoughtfulness & guidance along with keeping it REAL showed me, I CAN take control of my own life! You even were specific with what I needed for my body! Thank you once again, you are TRULY our Harriet Tubman! Much LOVE! #OrderingMyBook #OrderingMySupplements #ImGratefuL”
“I am so excited to be a part of  the Zuleana Underground Train #2. I talked to my husband about Zuleana  and  I told him how amazingly powerful my one on one consultation went with Ms. Cee Cee and he was excited for me and is 100% on board. Because of my excitement, he got excited too and has been supporting me since day 1. I can truly say, after the motivation and education from my consultation with Coach Cee Cee,  I will be 100% committed and I will not jump off this train nor quit this program, as this will become a lifestyle change  and a new way of living for me and my family as well. I can actually see me and my family getting healthier, quickly and effectively! Thank you, thank you so much,  Ms. Cee Cee!”
“I am so grateful to Coach Cee Cee. My testimony is a little different. I had a total hysterectomy over two years ago. I was going through full onset menopause because of the surgery. After my one on one consultation, Coach sent some natural products that worked BETTER than the hormone therapy that was prescribed. My doctor removed me from all hormone replacement therapy and stated I should "keep doing what I'm doing!" Not only that, I fought constantly with allergies. Coach heard my voice scratchy during the call and promptly sent me a tea that eliminated my allergy symptoms immediately!! One more thing...I was involved in an auto accident and was in constant pain, including major migraine headaches. Cee Cee sent some natural anti-inflammatory meds that have worked miracles! They worked so well, my chiropractor and my neurosurgeon were impressed with her natural products. In fact, my chiropractor gave a thumbs up and approval of everything that Coach Cee Cee sent! My body is well on its way to recovery!! Thank you so much, Coach Cee Cee! Can't wait to get my hands on the new book!”
“I am so excited to have the Zuleana book! It has so much information about healthy living! I read it in ONE day! It is an easy guide to a better way of life! Her Zuleana book is a game changer, a blessing, and a major source of encouragement ! If you have been looking for a weight loss or nutrition plan... look no further.  The book helps you understand her products and the products on this site are the real deal! Cee Cee truly has a heart for health.  Your book is so honest. Thank you for your transparency! - Melissa from SC”
“I am so excited about this journey!! I have been looking at this website and I received by book--Zuleana A New Way of Life and my Melt Belly Fat/3-piece kit!! I have researched and found that all  of her info is true and I  am ready for my  NEW Zuleana lifestyle Journey!  Thank you Cee Cee for allowing God to use you! I love my teas and spices! I will be ordering more of the eczema soap and other products. Thank you !”
“I completed my consultation with Coach Cee Cee a few days ago. Let me just say that I was BLOWN AWAY with the amount of information Coach Cee Cee has! I learned so much from our conversation! Things I thought I knew but didn't really know at all! You will end the conversation with a completely different outlook about eating and nutrition! I'm so excited for the opportunity to get on this Zuleana Underground  Train, I'm looking forward to losing weight and un-learning my relationship with food! That consultation was well worth it!!”
“I had a chance to be one of her proofreaders! WOW! Cee Cee’s new book, Zuleana- A New Way of life, is beautifully written with passion, knowledge, and simplicity. It’s not just another boring diet book or a book filled with green smoothies. It bespeaks holistic healing and incorporates a lifestyle change that is easy to follow. The pictures and affirmations add a healing vibe that emanates through the words. Well done, Cee Cee Michaela!”
“Coach Cee Cee Michaela and the Zuleana Way truly has helped me with my nutrition, weight loss, support, medical issues, and more. Finally a coach that truly cares and right there with you every step of the way. She goes beyond the call of duty to ensure you have what you need to assist you with any health issues your body may encounter. She has helped me with my hypothyroidism, irritable bowel syndrome, and elevated liver enzymes. My Coach Rocks!!”
“This has been a wonderful journey with coach CeeCee. She will definitely keep you on the right track by correcting you, but it's all in the love. She simply wants everyone to succeed! I started out on this journey only wanting to lose 30 pounds and I have… but I am continuing to do this journey for life because it is a lifestyle I need. I am not finished with my weight loss either. I am so pumped up, I'm still continuing to lose even more weight. I love my #Zuleana!”
“You're amazing Coach Cee Cee!  Your love of nutrition and helping each #ZuleanaGirl reach success is so evident! I love your passion and all of your wisdom during my wellness journey. I so appreciate you and all your encouragement along this amazing Zuleana journey. Simply put, you made losing weight and the #ZuleanaLifestyle both educational and oh so much fun! Thank you so much, I am grateful to God for teaching you to save lives, shift mindsets on food,  mindful eating, and self-care. You have helped many of us see ourselves fully as we get fit & oh so fab - like our fit and fine Coach #YouROCK! Xoxoxo- oh and by the way, I have lost 134 pound in 14 months on the #ZULEANAWAY ...whoop, whoop!”
“These products are amazing and so wonderful! The Zuleana teas, supplements, and minerals are so beneficial. Her vitamins and powders are gentle, yet effective in cleansing our bodies.  With Coach Cee Cee's knowledge and direction, I am now working towards the goal of getting rid of prescribed meds . I am about to start my second Zuleana "Melt the Fat Belly Box". The cost is afforable and I love the free samples in the box! The tooth gel helps me receive so many compliments. People keep saying how WHITE my teeth are when I smile. The teas are not only helping with weight loss, they give me the much needed energy throughout the day. They are also helping me in curbing my appetite too. The green soap gives me a clearer complexion! I am getting lots of compliments on my skin and it how I have a GLOW! Coach Cee Cee has taught us to take care of ourselves with researched, natural ways to prolong life! I look forward to in purchasing my Zuleana Book and I can’t wait to meet and take a picture with Coach Cee Cee at the next Zuleana Conference!”
“Zuleana is truly awesome! I am not only losing weight but gaining much needed energy. The products are so affordable and easy to use. Coach Cee Cee is there to guide you along the way should you ever have any questions. I am able to walk up three flights of stairs without stopping to catch my breath because of this system. It really works!  I am so glad I chose to join #zuleana!”
“When I encountered Coach Cee Cee Michaela, a new life began for me. she helped me to finally  understand nutrition better! I obtained the knowledge of my blood work through Coach Cee Cee. She's amazing and she takes the time out to explain everything to you and really motivate you  in the Underground Accountability Program. Thanks, Coach Cee Cee!”
“Try the Zuleana products. If it worked for me it will work for you and it will change your life. Zuleana has changed my life and I will never stop using Zuleana products, because they are so affordable and very effective. I have lost 52 pounds in 4 months! Zuleana is truly the way for me!”
“I'm proud to be onboard of this amazing underground journey to health and fitness for life! Thank you for coaching us all back to making conscious choices! I love the Undergound Accountability Program because it keeps up the momentum and we keep each other encouraged and cheer each other on as we make these daily lifestyle changes one step at a time I am the first vegetarian in the group and coach, you enlightened me to go deeper in learning about the importance of being a healthy, nutritionally-balanced vegetarian. It’s not just about not eating meat but being educated about different kinds of proteins, superfoods, and unique vegetables and fruits.. My potassium and iron was pretty low and Coach Cee Cee helped me to get that back on track. Coach, we love you! I can't wait to meet my new group of dedicated sisters at the next Zuleana Conference!”
“I am truly thankful for having Cee Cee Michaela as my mentor, I join the Zuleana sisterhood on April 2017,  one  month after completing chemotherapy and I'm no longer on blood pressure medication... HOO RAY! I have increased energy and I am sleeping soundly all night. She's amazing! In her Zuleana Phone Consultation, she takes the time out to explain everything to you and when you leave the conversation you have great knowledge and understanding. That LITTLE BOX with the three ingredients in –who would ever imagine that it can do this?! I've lost 35 pounds and I am still losing weight! Thank You Coach Cee Cee, I have learned so much with the Zuleana lifestyle and plan to keep working toward my weight goal and will continue to share with others.  I can't wait to see you at the conference. I've got my plane ticket and will being flying in from Louisiana!”
“Yes! Finally a system that works for us by us! Coach Cee Cee knows our bodies ... our make up ... and what we like to eat ! And she makes everything fun and exciting! If you have not tried Zuleana, you're missing out on enjoying life to the fullest! I have more energy, I sleep better, and my mind is  more focused and clear! As a business owner, a mother of a 5 yr.old and 16 yr. old, and a Pastor's wife...I need to be in my very best shape mentally, physically, and spiritually and you get it all with The #Zuleana Weight Loss Lifestyle. Thank, Coach Cee Cee!”
“Wow! Before I started this journey, I didn't know what to do or how I was going to lose weight and get healthy at the same time .Then, I was introduced to my coach, Cee Cee Michaela, and without you coaching me and you teaching me on nutrition I  wouldn't know the difference between healing foods and harmful foods! When I received my first Zuleana box I was so excited and since I have been on this journey I feel so much better. I have lost 52 pounds in 12 weeks and I am proud of myself . My blood pressure has been great so much so that they are lowering my dose back down. The migraines I have been having are gone as well. Without you Coach Cee Cee, I wouldn't know where I would be. Thank you so much for being my coach and directing me to great health and losing weight at the same time.  I will keep on moving on this journey and I'm not going to give up! ❤️Thank You again, Coach Cee Cee.”
“Hi , I am Tanesse Campbell  I started the Zuleana program on June 5th 2017. I have lost 21 pounds in eight weeks!  What's more,  my blood pressure was running around 140/99 and higher and I was on 2 pills per day and  the doctors were adding more meds, but could not get my pressure stabilized.  After using Zuleana products and eating the Zuleana Way,  I went back to my doctor and they were amazed that after the first week  of being on Zuleana,  my b/p was 126/68 , then the next week after still being on Zuleana it was 116/64 .When I tell you that I really think the melt belly fat tea  is what did the trick. I am so thankful for Coach Cee Cee. My doctor also wanted to put me on cholesterol meds but couldn't because it has dropped as well. The doctors and nurses were amazed and wanted to know what I did that was so right.  Of course i told them- ZULEANA! Now they want to know all about Zuleana too!”
“I am now down 32 lbs. and eating clean has made me realize how good it makes me feel about yourself. My blood pressure is down to 124/86 Monday my Doctor was very excited because cholesterol levels were great He was overwhelmed with my weight loss. The Zuleana 3-piece system give me energy out of this world. I can go all day without getting tired. I love Zuleana Products and I am so thankful to Coach Cee Cee for making it available at such a great price!”

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