You may have heard of the massive weight loss success of  ZULEANA…

2016-Zuleana Cardio & Weight Loss Studio in SC. (Actual LIVE African Cardio Dance and Nutrition Classes  with Cee Cee Michaela (Her studio is closed and she is currently on her Zuleana Tour!)

 2017-Underground Sisterhood Weight Loss Program -20 ladies ( Via Secret Fb Page)

now introducing for 2018…


12 DEDICATED Ladies are CHOSEN from across the USA!

Each lady (weighing 200-500 pounds) will work closely (for several months) under Coach Cee Cee Michaela’s specific  NUTRITIONAL AND EXERCISE guidance to reach the ZULEANA FINAL GOAL WEIGHT of 150-170 pounds ( size 5-10/11) and rock her CROWN and GOWN on the ZULEANA RUNWAY!

Crowning Zuleana® Queens!


Once a woman decides she is ALL IN… with ALL THINGS ZULEANA® and shows amazing progress and love for the ZULEANA® PROGRAM -staying with it for the long haul, I just HAVE TO MAKE HER A ZULEANA® QUEEN! These women  are very dedicated and stay in touch with me throughout their journey of Zuleana® Weight Loss. They completely believe in the Zuleana® Way and are totally dedicated making sure they do not lose focus by mixing my Zuleana® Weight Loss and Nutrition protocol with any other food and/or liquid challenges, methods, or diets. They trust me as the Zuleana® CEO and Founder and their personal NUTRITION COACH.  These ladies show incredible  focus, dedication, and happiness with the Zuleana® Program. They send over pictures of their weight loss progress to be documented in the Zuleana Before and After Results and Gallery.They continuously call and/or text over their monthly weight loss number, their doctor visit results, and they allow Coach Cee Cee to keep a close eye on their lab results.  Coach make sure they learn how to fully understand  their  medical lab results and they work together to  make those numbers ( blood work/lipid panel, etc. )  improve, with the hopes that their doctor releases them from various medications. Many of the ladies even send in pictures of their doctor smiling with a “thumbs up” for Zuleana® or some doctors even pose with  her new book, Zuleana®- A New Way of Life.

They flip through the pages and are very pleased with the  Zuleana® grocery list and meal plan that has helped their patient lose so much weight.  Coach Cee Cee takes pleasure in working along with their doctors, making sure that the Zuleana paticipants are receiving their weight loss goals as well as helping them to eradicate diseases as they begin to experience, a  leaner body, sharper mind, amazing vitality, energy, zeal, and become pain-free using my natural medicine alternatives on the Zuleana® Way.  Each and every Zuleana participant has enjoyed the Zuleana® products  and protocol and have decided  to offer their continued support  in Zuleana® Nutrition Solutions. They are living the Zuleana® life  and have agreed to represent the Zuleana® Way until they meet their absolute final weight loss/disease prevention goals… and beyond! They affectionately say,  “I am a #ZuleanaGirl for life!” They sow no discord and are excited to actively take part and closely adhere in the Zuleana Protocol,  Zuleana Guidelines, Zuleana Crowns and Gowns Terms and Conditions ( see below),  Zuleana Gowns and Crowns Responsibilities ( see below.) There will be consequences for any unacceptable behavior. Zuleana is a program of constant encouragement from each and every individual that participates. Every participant who is chosen is expected to represent the Zuleana Way with great enthusiasm and integrity to assure that the Zuleana Program/s will continue to operate for the benefit of thousands of women, men, and children who will be seeking to participate in the Zuleana Programs in future years.



The 12 winners ( ZULEANA QUEENS)  can be located anywhere in the United States of America and there can be several queens from the same city or state. These ladies, based on their initial interest,  personal “I need help” testimony  and  immediate follow through, diligence, and dedication are personally chosen by the founder, Cee Cee Michaela and her team. The Zuleana® Queens work with Coach Cee Cee for several months where they closely follow her Zuleana group instructions. She then personally customizes nutrition and exercise tips and shares deeper Zuleana secrets.  When the participant meticulously follows Coach Cee Cee’s EXACT lead, she reaps the benefits of MASSIVE weight loss, INCREDIBLE nutrition and sometimes, medical conditions are SWEPT AWAY!  She receives a Zuleana shirt at 25 pounds down, a beautiful 4 to 5 inch rhinestone crown and custom, hand-stitched sash at 60-70 pounds down, red roses delivered to your door at 100 pounds down, and a walk down the  ZULEANA ROCK THE RUNWAY RED CARPET in a  gorgeous gown  once she has reached down to a final weight of 150-170 pounds ( depending on height) …Cee Cee Michaela’s FINAL Zuleana Weight Loss Goal for the Crowns and Gowns Program! This will be held at a special event location in AUGUST 2018. *Note: Every queen is responsible for the purchase of her own gown.  Each  Zuleana Queen also receive opportunities to share the stage with Coach Cee Cee at events.  Each beautiful queen stands as a living testimony as she explains the goodness and blessing of Zuleana®!  Each Zuleana Queen is expected to always represent Zuleana in a Godly, positive manner. She must have authenticity, honesty, good character, leadership, and good judgement. She must set a great Zuleana Lifestyle example for others and stay in the zealous and supportive spirit of true Zuleana Sisterhood and Zuleana Leadership. Once you receive a Zuleana crown, it is yours for life! (Unless our terms and conditions are dishonored, see below). Our crowns are based on Queen Esther in the Bible not the pageant crown system. Esther was blessed to go from being an orphan to the Queen of Persia! She was groomed and polished for twelve months  (six months with oil of myrrh ( purification) and six months of sweet odours (beautification)…she too had her very own, “LIFE TRANSFORMATION!”

Note: The oil of myrrh  is an antiseptic and anti-fungal oil- used to get rid of any disease and allow for deep cleansing. My 3-piece kit includes properties that deeply cleanse the inner body.

Meet our first Zuleana® …Queen Ms. Carolyn Adams


Crowning Weight Loss Results: 62 pounds in  77 days!

Crowning Location and Date: Charleston, SC- Friday Sat. August 4, 2017


Carolyn is a single mom and a beloved grandma! She lives in Andrews, SC, where the population is about 2,800. She is loved by all on her job. As a matter of fact, she has inspired those at her job, church, volunteer assignments, and throughout her small town to “get with” the Zuleana® Way. her doctors are in full support of her being on the Zuleana Way  She made it possible for Cee Cee Michaela to actually visit  Andrews, SC, meet the mayor, and present Zuleana at a wonderful outdoor community event where hundreds were blessed by the knowledge of Zuleana®. Carolyn actually stayed right by Ms. Michaela’s side during the 2-day event and helped served the people- sharing her personal  Zuleana® testimony.

                              BEFORE                                              AFTER

This is Carolyn at 121 pounds down in 8 months on the Zuleana® Way!


Queen #2:  Queen Rashatta Daugett


Crowning Location and Date:  Gray, GA – Friday, November 16, 2017

Currently 77 pounds in 8 months

(She was 248 pounds and is now 173!)

Rashatta is a super-happy wife, a pastor’s wife,  mother of 2, entrepreneur, and an all around friendly and helpful person. She has written several books and is a master of many great things.  Rashatta has been using Cee Cee Michaela’s products since 2013, and is super excited to be part of Coach Cee Cee’s newly trademarked protocol… THE ZULEANA WAY. She has introduced the Zuleana products to her whole family and continues to tirelessly promote the Zuleana Way because she truly believes in it’s  quality and effectiveness.  She is happy to share her amazing Zuleana weight loss testimony wherever she goes as she receives countless compliments on her amazing “NEW” body transformation. She is a natural peacemaker and loves to serve her family, community, and Zuleana!


Queen #3: Elder Linda Green


Crowning Location and Date: Harrisburg Pennsylvania – Saturday, December 2, 2017

Currently  85 pounds in 8 months!

(She was almost at 500 pounds and is now at 370!)

Linda Green is a doctor and an elder. She is truly a blessing to all who meet her. She loves sharing the goodness of God and the goodness of Zuleana.  In December 2017 she held a fabulous birthday party where she invited Coach Cee Cee to speak and present the Zuleana Products. It was a great success. Yes, she received a Zuleana Crown and Sash for her birthday! Her Zuleana Way testimony is powerful and it’s so nice to see her continuously press toward her ultimate weight loss and health goals!


Photos by Vyctoria L. Pitts (courtesy use given by photographer)

Rules and Regulations – Terms and Conditions

When you are participating in the Zuleana Crowns and Gowns or  Zuleana Underground Training WEIGHT LOSS Program under the close guidance of Cee Cee Michaela, you must  not participate in any other weight loss programs, diets, nutritional lifestyles, fads, challenges, trends or major, (general/non-religious) fasting programs. These would be considered conflicts of interest. You must alert Coach Cee Cee of any religious fasting ahead of your fasting time so that there can be clear understanding and preparation for the augmentation. While on our Zuleana Crowns and Gowns Program,  you must not be participating in any Plus Size Pageants or be a Plus Size model as the Zuleana Gowns and Crowns  Program’s weight loss goal is to be 170 pounds or less (depending on height) and get each lady to optimum health.  Therefore, the Plus Size industry ( whose usual requirement is to be more than a 14W) would  be a conflict of interest. Zuleana is a program where you must have the freedom to lose below a size 14 or even a size 12 if you desire, especially if you have received a doctor’s suggestion of losing weight in order to help with  personal health risks and medical conditions.  Once accepted into any of Cee Cee Michaela’s Zuleana Programs, we ask that you post ( via a secret/private FB page) your Zuleana progress in pictures or videos at least 3 times a week  and be actively authentic, supportive, and encouraging to others on the Zuleana  Program or you may risk forfeiting your participation in the Crowns and Gowns or Underground Train  Program/s. All pictures and videos submitted during your participation in the program/s will be the sole property of Michaela’s Creativity Studio, LLC and the Zuleana brand unless given permission to use otherwise. There shall be no unacceptable behavior which includes but not limited to:  gossiping, abusive, harassing, intimidating, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning conduct by any participant of CROWNS AND GOWNS PROGRAM and related events. If a Crowns and Gowns Participant engages in unacceptable behavior, defamation  and/or slander against the founder, Cee Cee Michaela, the brand, Zuleana, the Zuleana Administrative Team, and/or a Zuleana Gowns and Crowns Participant, your participation and/or crown may be revoked without warning or refund.  If you cause any dissention and/or discord with the Zuleana founder, Zuleana Administration Team, or Zuleana Participants/Sisterhood, your participation in the program and/or your crown may be revoked without warning or refund.

What To Do If You Witness Or Are subject To Unacceptable Behavior

If you are subject to unacceptable behavior, notice that someone else is being subject to unacceptable behavior, or have any other concerns, please notify the founder, Cee Cee Michaela, as soon as possible. We want everyone to feel safe and secure during all Zuleana programs and Zuleana events.


  • Buy (and READ/STUDY) the Zuleana Book and Zuleana Melt Belly Fat ( 3-piece) Kit – (OPEN and start ASAP!)

  • Fill out, sign, and date your Gowns and Crowns Terms and Conditions Document and Participant Application

  • Send in your BEFORE picture and take AFTER pictures  at 25, 35, 50, 70 and 100 pounds down! (Post on FB secret page)

  • Follow the instructions in the Zuleana Book and Coach Cee Cee’s personal nutrition and exercise instructions  with great detail and diligence

  • Weigh in EVERY TUESDAY MORNING! (write is down in a notebook and then report your results on the secret page) THIS IS MANDATORY whether your results are good or bad!

  • Purchase Zuleana Products ( preferably every month or so) to continually nourish your body and crush fat until you reach the Zuleana final weight loss and health goals

  • Post a minimum of  three (3) pictures or LIVE  FB videos ( our secret page) of your ZULEANA LIFE ( food, meals, exercise, grocery shopping, etc.) every week for accountability to coach. This is very important, as Coach Cee Cee must see how you are coming along so she can assist, correct, and encourage you. Space your days and posts out, do NOT post everything on one day! THIS IS ONE OF YOUR MAIN REPONSIBILITIES!

  • Encourage Coach Cee Cee and the other Zuleana participants with your  Zuleana Way daily diligence and  great/caring attitude

  • Stay in open and close communication with Coach Cee Cee, PICK UP YOUR PHONE, CALL US BACK, and participate in as many Conference Calls as possible. Lack of communication or MIA ( Missing in Action) Behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

  • Exercise at least 3-4 times- (at least 30 minutes per session every week) This can be done at the gym, classes, or at HOME!

  • Place your Zuleana Book, Zuleana shirt, or Zuleana Box in as many pictures as possible when you FB post for Zuleana branding support ( Please tag COACH Cee Cee Michaela in all posts {LIVE VIDEOS and photos) and use the hashtag symbol:#zuleana)


You may be REMOVED FROM THE CROWNS AND GOWNS PROGRAM if you do not adhere to the Crowns and Gowns Rules and Regulations-Terms and Conditions and/or if you do not adhere to the Crowns and Gowns Responsibilities and Expectations. You may be removed without warning or refund.




Here is the famous 3 Piece Melt Belly Fat kit and Zuleana book!