Winter 2018 Update

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A NEW BOOK- her 4th book released on August 4, 2017!

Zuleana®- A New Way of Life

 Weight Loss Guidebook is here!


Registered Trademark for Zuleana®
Granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office

in Sept. 19, 2017

Cee Cee is the CEO and creator of  her own

Fitness, Weight Loss, Disease Prevention,  Natural Health Products E-store and Nutrition Education brand called


  with natural alternative products and solutions for 132 health issues!

She is currently traveling across America with her own


 She’s helping thousands of women to lose massive amounts of

weight and eradicate diseases!

Greenville, SC Durham, Raleigh, Charleston, Columbus, Ga, Atlanta, Charlotte, Virginia Beach Virginia,  Richmond, VA , Myrtle Beach,  New Bern, Tallahassee, FL, Orlando, FL,  New Orleans, Louisiana,  Wilmington, NC, Kansas City, MS,  Andrews, SC,  Washington, DC, Maryland,  and MORE!  



Yes! She is the girl who went from from

Hollywood to HOLYwood!

Cee Cee left her dream of being an actress in Hollywood for a higher calling : 

To travel the globe impacting girls and empowering women!



Cee Cee Speaks To The Heart of Women

  • Crushing insecurity

Finding  joy during adversity

Writing your Book

Trademark and Copyrighting

The dangers of emotional sabotage

The dangers of negative self-talk

The power of self expression

The need to show yourself friendly

The power of being humble

The power of  stepping out on faith

The beauty of being single

The power of marriage

#youaremorepowerfulthanyouknow   #womenarebrilliant    #womenrock

Coach Cee Cee is an Excellent Wellness Consultant


Cee Cee goes over your Blood Panel work: A1C,  LDL, HDL, D3, TSH, etc.

She will customize her Zuleana Eating Lifestyle to your health needs

She helps you fix any and all mineral and vitamin deficiencies

She goes over dangerous hidden chemicals and GMOs in your foods

She helps you do a Zuleana Kitchen Makeover

She helps you understand foods that harm and foods that heal

She helps you understand tumors, cysts, boils, fibroids- and how to eradicate them



Cee Cee was trained in OPERA since the age of 10 and sings the STAR SPANGLED BANNER for some of America’s top universities , professional athletic disciplines, and baseball fields!

dreamstime_xs_21731029           star baseball pic      fluor drive logofluor field log

CEE CEE MICHAELA was  a  SINGER of the STAR SPANGLED BANNER for Greenville’s Drive Team! The Flour Field which is modeled after the famous Boston Red Sox Stadium in Fenway Park holds 5,700 baseball fans! 


      furman u logo pretty    bridges logo 

Cee Cee  was hired by Bridges to a Brighter Future held at Furman University to teach her Zuleana African Cardio Classes for about 4 weeks. She also provided her ZOE GREENE WALKING TOUR OF OUR AWARD WINNING MAIN STREET – Greenville, SC!  She was also contracted by CLEMSON University (through Student Affairs) to present ZULEANA African Dance Cardio to the Freshman Class in 2016.


Cee Cee Michaela Floyd’s BIO

cece148Cee Cee Michaela…was born and raised in Hickory, North Carolina. She did her first movie at the age of nine. By the time she was twelve, she was singing in four octaves and four languages. Ms. Michaela graduate High school as a North Carolina Scholar and at 17, she received one of the most prestigious scholarships to the North Carolina School of the Arts double majoring in Dance and Classical Voice. She played the late, great Gregory Hine’s little sister on Broadway by the time she was 21 years old. She is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music in which her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater was FedExed to her stage door as she had already landed on Broadway before she could finish her last two months of college.

While she graced the stage of Jelly’s Last Jam with over 550 performances with Mr. Hines, Ben Vereen and Phylicia Rashad, Ms. Michaela continued her studies while in New York and graduated as one of about seven African-American students in an all white conservatory! She also starred in the Broadway hit, Smokey Joe’s Café as well as several television shows such as: All My Children, The Fresh Prince, Chicago Hope, The Steve Harvey Show and Strong Medicine. But she is probably BEST known for her character of (Yvonne), the police officer and William’s Fiancée, on the national syndicated hit comedy “GIRLFRIENDS”, executive produced by Kelsey Grammer. She also played the role of (SIMONE) in the movie, “HAIR SHOW”, starring along with Mo’Nique executive produced by Magic Johnson and has been seen on TBN’s “PRAISE THE LORD” on numerous occasions sharing her personal testimony of God’s grace, power, and protection. Cee Cee is also a VOICE OVER Artist and has provided the voices behind some of Hollywood’s best movies such as FAT ALBERT and the movie, RAY, the film about the legendary Ray Charles.

In 2003, Cee Cee Michaela wrote her first book entitled I Wish I Had Known:101 Nuggets for Healthy Relationships and she has an Inspirational CD, which she wrote, arranged and produced that was #6 on the Gospel charts in Europe. She copyrighted her first song at eighteen years old and now has almost fifty songs located in her ASCAP catalogue. She is the sole owner of all of her masters, rights, and publishing. Her music has scored some of the top shows in America such as Party of Five. She is the owner of several businesses: Driven By a Vision Records,  Michaela’s Creativity Studio LLC., and Zuleana Weight Loss & Nutrition -which all function successfully despite the fact that she spends over half of her time away from the office conducting empowerment workshops with a powerful life changing message to teenagers and adults.

Ms. Michaela has been invited to speak all over the world from the Bahamas and St. Lucia to Jerusalem and Japan!  She has been blessed to share her wisdom at some of America’s top organizations, churches, schools and universities and has been successful in motivating the secular as well as non-secular. She has received numerous awards and proclamations from several states for her tireless efforts in empowering and educating our youth. Ms. Michaela teaches life skills classes to teens which incorporate: purity, beauty, purpose, leadership, wisdom, and excellence. She is also the founder and host of The HOLYwood Retreat, a 3-day summer get-away for teens and their parents and in 2005, she launched a beautiful cross purity ring design which is extremely popular among teens as well as adults and is the highlight of her all-white purity ceremonies.  

In 2015, Ms. Michaela wrote her first children’s book entitled The Adventures of Zoe Greene  which led to the launching of The Zoe Greene Performing Arts and Humanities Company, a mobile arts company which started in Greenville, SC. She is excited to have landed in Raleigh, NC  where she will be  holding upcoming auditions to cast 15 adorable African-American little girls ages 7-10 years old.  Each one of the girls  must have her own unique features and personality; however, all get to represent the fabulous character of Zoe Greene. For 6 months to a year, Cee Cee will be teaching this special group of girls: acting, singing, dancing, fitness, and etiquette as part of her Zoe Greene Project, (a national enrichment program for girls).

Ms. Michaela is currently on tour with her very own concept called Zuleana. It is a clean-eating, weight loss and disease prevention protocol that includes nutrition education, holistic remedies, and African dance/cardio fitness.  It’s a new lifestyle consisting of  nutrient-dense, clean-eating and  fat burning techniques, which is helping thousands of women lose massive amounts of weight and eradicate many diseases. For instance, her recent Zuleana case study repeatedly shows that a prescription of Metformin can be eradicated in just 14-30 days after being on her Zuleana clean eating system!  She is a fitness and nutrition coach and  is currently traveling to churches and conferences across the USA to present her EDUCATION not MEDICATION Zuleana Seminar as she is also a Natural Health advocate and educator with over 23 years of natural health experience.   Her new natural health book entitled : ZULEANA – A New Way of Life…the ultimate clean eating guide released August 2017. Her clients usually lose on average about 13 pounds a month with her nutrition secrets from Japan, Vietnam, China, and India. Some of her most prized and cherished nutrition wisdom and major success came when she implemented her studies that connect the powerfully, healing diet of the Pygmy and Hadza African tribes to (SAD), our Standard American Diet.  Ms. Michaela has customized countless natural remedies freeing the ailments and medical conditions of so many African-American families, that she is affectionately known as THE HARRIET TUBMAN OF HEALTH. Her Zuleana trademark was registered on September 19, 2017 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  All of Cee Cee’s programs, brands   blog, and her popular holistic online store which features [Alternative Medicine for 125 diseases] can be found on her website at  After more than 10 years of being abstinent and patiently waiting on the Lord, she is SUPER excited to be married to Mr. Wilbert Floyd…the love of her life! They have been happily married for seven years and are excited to be residing in Raleigh, NC.

 BIO picture by Derek Blanks


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Cee Cee Michaela’s Personal Mission Statement

zoe park

I have been chosen to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling. Although many people may know me as a Hollywood television actress, I now take the time to travel across the United States as a motivational speaker. I am deeply concerned about the rebellion of our youth, teen pregnancy, STDs and HIV/AIDS, domestic/date violence, molestation, low self esteem, and the growing rate and aftermath of divorce.

I have chosen to serve my community in the way of down-to-earth teachings/seminars. My speeches  will shed light  and give practical wisdom and guidance for these important issues. Maybe it is just me, but I believe that our nation is losing its moral fiber. It saddens me to see our generation continue to get “caught up” and be desensitized by the violent and sexual exploitative images in the media. The negative images from television, music, video games, the internet and fashion have caused many of our young people to live in an immodest and sexualized society.
I plan to innovatively stimulate their thought process so that the youth begin to reflect upon their future and the choices that they make. As a single, young, entrepreneurial lady, it is my desire to stand and serve as a positive example. Our children need encouragement and validation. Our young girls, women and singles in particular, need to be educated and empowered.

I have done much research on the above issues and it is my mission to travel and inform others with a spirit of leadership while being a dedicated contender for the faith. I am devoted to helping others renew their minds, rejuvenate their spirit, and bring about change that will ignite their personal journey to freedom and success.

What the world needs now is love. But more importantly, what each individual needs is an opportunity to realize their worth and potential in a world that many feel has failed them. Although I realize that this task is not easy, I feel that I have, without a doubt, chosen to fight the good fight.

atl girlsconnecticut girlsatl class

Cee Cee Michaela
Copyright © 2004 All Rights Reserved





THE GODZGIRL NETWORK-ATLANTA, GA (501c3) – 2004 – 2008








ZULEANA WEIGHT LOSS GIRLZ – ZULEANA UNDERGROUND- Raleigh, NC-TRAIN #18201 and TRAIN # 18202 – 2017 TRAIN #18203- 2018


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Wilbert Marries Cee Cee!


February 20, 2011

Wilbert is a Pastor Emeritus and was a proud and happy husband of 33 years to the late Alma Floyd. Cee Cee is an evangelist, had never been married and had been waiting for ten years and nine months in abstinence and purity until marriage. Wilbert was abstinent as well. They met in a very small town called Edenton, NC whose population is that of about 5,000 people. They both were called to that same town in the same weekend, booked at the same hotel for their stay to minister at two different churches. Cee Cee came in from Charlotte, NC and Wilbert came in from Roosevelt, NewYork. Cee Cee came down for breakfast and Wilbert saw her at a glance but said nothing. Cee Cee ate breakfast and was recognize by someone in his family.


She explained that she use to act on TV but is now a full time minister. She also explained that she had  just finished her ministerial duties the day before, where she had minister on purity and self worth to a huge group of youth and Sunday was her day off. She expressed her  strong desire to go to church somewhere and not just sit around on a Sunday. She went on to explain that she was stuck at the hotel until the church that booked her could come and take her to the airport. The friendly bunch invited her on their charter bus and there she was dressed in jeans, a funky Target t-shirt and flip flops heading to an unknown church with unknown people. However, at the back of the bus was Wilbert Floyd who looked up and noticed her again. This time he was in awe of how the stranger got on their family’s charter bus! He helped Cee Cee carry her polka dot suitcase (the one she takes with her everywhere that she preaches) off of the bus and a few days later ,he reached out via the internet to ask if she had enjoyed the service.

beetleShe told him that she did…of course! Little did she know that she would meet her husband at a Hampton Inn on a random charter bus ride leading to an unknown church with a handsome stranger who ended up being her husband! GOD IS SO GOOD! “Just like Ruth from the Bible, I was busy working hard in the field of the Lord and was spotted by my Boaz who quickly inquired about me!” We enjoy traveling together, serving communities, helping to build the kingdom of God with our resources,  gifts, time and talents… with a focus on sharing the Good News!

Does Cee Cee Have Children?


After getting married, Cee Cee tarried about having children but choose not to and felt she was called by God to continue to take care of the girls across the world with an extra affinity for those that are in her community wherever she resides. The orphans, the latch key kids, the fatherless ones, and girls that just need a little extra push, direction, and encouragement!  She is the PLAY/ACTRESS MOM to the adorable Zoe Greene Girlz (the cutie-pie girls in her performing arts & etiquette company based off of her children’s book) and she has 11 beautiful grandchildren (8 boys and 3 girls) by marriage, of which those 5 years and older are able to visit “Pop and Pop and Cee Cee” for a couple weeks every summer!  Cee Cee is extremely thankful to God and her husband for all of her blessings!




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