B Complex- Bcomplex -B12 vitamin -with biotin – Vitamin B – 60 capsules- MENTAL HEALTH, Better Energy, Brain Function, Anxiety, Anxiety while driving, helps with dizziness, Vision loss, helps when you have a hard time walking, Vertigo, Helps your focus, helps Exhausted feeling, TMJ and/or Stiff jaw, stiff face, helps when your mouth will NOT open, when half of your face goes stiff or numb, Nerve Function, Nerve Care, Cognitive, Memory Care, fatigue, skin and hair health, helps form red blood cells, Vertigo, Brain Tumors, headaches, Blood circulation, numbness, numbness and/or tingling in hands, legs, and feet, balance problems, staggering, swollen/ inflamed tongue, difficulty thinking, healthy heart, TIA ( mini stroke), Bipolar Disorder, stroke prevention and Stoke Aftercare – Sarcoidosis- immune system-seizures -Narcolepsy -Cataplexy – helps when you keep dropping your phone over and over (loss of muscle control) , helps when you can’t squeeze your toothpaste , slurring of words, slur – Vegan deficiency, Vegetarian deficiency, birth control vitamin deficiency, People who have had their intestines surgically removed may need B12 – People who have been on acid removers need more B12- almost 1/2 of vegetarians and 90% of vegans are B12 deficient. This capsules includes B1, B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin) – B5 – Pantothenic Acid ( helps adrenal glands, helps reduce stress and anxiety) , B6 (P5P, the top form) which helps the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body , B7 (biotin) – B9- folate ( helps lower homocysteine and depression!) Those who have IBD will need more folate! B12 ( methylcobalamin, the top form) helps depression *Note: if you have a hard time holding items in your hand … you keep dropping an item , this is usually a sign of B-12 deficiency. Stiff Person Syndrome. Age 60 and up need this Complex Vitamin! You must know your B12 and possibly B6 lab number by age 60! All VEGANS and VEGETARIANS MUST TAKE THIS VITAMIN because of lack of animal intake.


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