Immunity Builder Kit – Covid-19 Care – Covid Vaccine Aftercare – Covid Vaccine Care – Antiviral- For Prevention Assistance, ONSET and Recovery/ After Care (Take after you have had Covid to build up our white blood cells and immune system) keep you strong during the Covid Mutations/Variants and various virus strains – New and IMPROVED 2021 Version- Your Kit includes: Item # 1. Red Reishi Tea also called Ganoderma Lucidum Tea ) – a TOP Medicinal Mushroom Tea – (an immune booster tea) – 20 bags 2. Zinc Picolinate 50 mg – 120 tablets – take one a day 3. Zinc Elderberry Lozenges – 15 pieces ( suck about 4 pieces daily esp. for sore throat) 4. Thyme Leaf Tea (organic) for (cough and mucus) – 18 tea bags 5. Immunity Booster Capsule with Lysine, Olive leaf and Astragalus Root- 90 capsules 6. Sore Throat Crystals/Powder – 5 (little green packs) (simply pour entire contents in 5 oz. of warm to hot water, stir and drink. Can be taken every 4 hours. 7. Ginger Honey Packs- 5 sticks. (Try pouring one whole ginger honey stick into your thyme tea for a strong anti-viral effect!) 8. VitaMineral Greens/ Grasses/Seaweed Powder – drink 1/2 tsp daily in 8 oz. of water & you can add a dash of raw honey if you like 9. Vitamin A- 1500 MCG/ 5000 IU -100 tablets- take 1 a day- it’s Vegan Friendly… Check your Vitamin A level, But definitely take the Vitamin A if you are VEGAN!!) *Note: If you have thick mucus in the lungs and/or a horrible persistent cough, we HIGHLY SUGGEST purchasing our Mullein Leaf Tincture as well. * Also, Vitamin D3 at 5,000 IUs per capsule is a MUST for Covid (buy on my website)- keep a check on your Vitamin D3 level with doctor. Also, take Vitamin C in our BEST most POTENT FORM (food-grade) which is Camu Camu Capsules (take 2 tablets a day) or our regular 1,000 mgs (1-2 per day and up to about 8 per day when you have a virus. Space them out throughout the day!) Both forms of Vitamin C capsules (are here on my website) Vit. C is an ABSOLUTE MUST!- Covid -19 Care , Corona Virus Care , Covid, Corona Cold, Flu, Cough, Mucus, Depression , *Olive leaf is anti-viral, anti- fungal, and anti-cancer


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