Beef Liver Capsules – 180 capsules- New Product! from New Zealand -freeze dried – pure grass fed pasture- with pre-formed Vitamin A ( which gives it better absorption), B12, choline, IRON- New Zealand cow liver is known to have more IRON than U.S. based liver, due to cow breed, grazing techniques and minerals added to fertilizer, these capsules will help with stronger joints, stronger bones, better iron, supports connective tissue, Immunity strengthen, heart health, brain health, liver and kidney support, the iron helps whose with OCD, stronger teeth, stronger nails, thicker hair, higher energy levels, mood enhancement, great for better exercise performance, healthy collagen, Vegan deficiency, great for vegans and vegetarians who want to transition back to clean meat in order to get more iron and a better overall nutritional profile. Coffee deplete iron, so if you are a Coffee drinker and your iron is low or you never eat beef liver, this capsule may be perfect for you! This capsule may be helpful for those who want to get iron intake without the calories of eating beef. While millions have been eating the legs, wings and thighs of meats, its the organ meat, especially the liver, that is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It’s divers nutritional profile provides support to your metabolism, immune system, eyes, skin, reproductive organs, and mental health and even your own liver. It even boosts your energy by supporting your mitochondria, which is part of every cell responsible for the production of energy. The B vitamins in liver help with neurological functions! Happy Vegan transition! Helps to hair from shedding, hair loss


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