Magnesium – Award winning magnesium – it’s called CALM – CALM powder – calm – Magnesium Citrate – 5 packs! Helps with those who have had left-side diastolic heart failure ONLY, do NOT take if you have had left side SYSTOLIC side heart failure, Magnesium is responsible for 300 reactions in the body – PVC, Premature Ventricular Contractions, Ballerina Powder – Ballerina – Athlete – Athlete Cramps – Dancer leg cramps ( helps immune, bone strength, muscle relaxation, cognitive function, deep sleep, energy production) HEADACHES – CRAMPS -INSOMNIA – ANTI-STRESS – ANXIETY – FIBROMYALGIA – SJOGREN’S syndrome – CONSTIPATION – A MUST for those with OCD, Numbness in Hands and Feet – Restless legs – Nighttime leg cramps – Raynaud’s Disease, twitching, spasms, hand twitching, foot cramps, stroke care, Depression, helps those with Asperger Syndrome especially when taken along with our B-Complex capsule, helps with Aphasia, better lung function, Coffee Depletion, coffee depletes your magnesium, Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-eclampsia, blood pressure – TMJ ( stiff jaw) – Trouble sleeping- you must get magnesium in order to BALANCE HORMONES, birth control vitamin deficiency, Magnesium Powder , Magnesium, Magnesium deficiency may increase seizure risk. So magnesium supplementation may reduce seizures! $5, 5 dollars



Contains: 5 packs- Tastes great! 5 nights supply!  Most people need 10-15 nights supply when they are deficient, so feel free to buy 2-3 boxes for $5 each and take a pack each night  for about 15 days in a row or MORE in order to nourish your deficiency!

Great for:



Fingers sticking together

Finger cramps

Toe cramps

Toes sticking together


Headaches even after drinking lots of water

Heart Attack Aftercare

Heart Palpitations

Hormone Imbalance

Kid’s Hyperactivity



Leg Cramps

Menstrual Cramp




Restless Leg Syndrome


Helps relax muscles

Gives you feeling of calmness


NOTE: MAGNESIUM MUST be consumed after sweating excessively or a sauna!

Take a pack every night for 5 nights in a row! You may even want to buy two-three boxes and go ten-fifteen nights straight through for maximum results. Many people are HEAVILY Magnesium deficient! 

NOTE: Great for kids who are hyperactive or have ADHD to help calm them and to go to bed on time.