Colon Cancer Kit- Zuleana® Kit- Colon Care Kit -Vitamin D3 w/k2- 60 veg. caps, African Fiber-Prebiotic fiber 6.8 bags – 32 servings, Broccoli Sprout Extract 250 mg 60 tablets, White Tea- 20 bags, Ginger Root Tea- organic- 24 bags-


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VERY IMPORTANT SUGGESTION: Please add our women’s probiotic or men’s probiotic to this kit order to add GOOD BACTERIA to your gut! This is a MUST! We left it out so that each customer could buy the gender of probiotic that would be best for them. You might also try drinking unflavored KEFIR ( o%-1% fat) cultured low fat milk.  Because of the cultures, we have found the kefir WILL NOT BOTHER YOU , EVEN IF YOU ARE LACTOSE INTOLERANT. It usually makes your tummy feel so healthy and strong! But our PROBIOTIC CAPSULES will do the same thing if you prefer a tablet. The kefir saves you money. Our favorite  and most trusted brand of Kefir is by Lifeway and at your local grocery store. (@ $3.99 at the most)

Steep the white tea for 5 minutes and drink every single day. Buy two boxes if you need to. The white tea is crucial! The white tea helps protect your DNA of normal cells against oxidative stress, activates caspases, and inhibits  the rapid growth of HT-29!

You Serum Vitamin  D3 level must  NOT get deficient, so keep an eye on your  Vitamin D 3 level.

Get as much fiber as you can to get the bowels moving every day… this is key.

The Broccoli Sprouts Tablets contain Sulforaphane which helps to suppress the growth of cancerous tumors in the colon.

The Ginger Root Tea is excellent for the colon!

The above writing will be in Zuleana® – BOOK 2… so do get  Zuleana®-Book 1- Zuleana®- A New Way of Life. You will love it and learn how to kick sickness and disease out of your LIFE!