Decaf Green Tea – 50 Decaf tea bags – New Product! Decaffeinated, Unblended Tea Bags – caffeine free – great for kids as young as 4 years old, best for ulcerative colitis, colitis, reduce cavities, protect teeth and gums against bacteria, helps those with autism in the way of neuroprotection, helps with ovarian cancer, ASD, Antiviral and helps with cold and flu, improve concentration, diverticulitis, liver cancer , pancreatic cancer , inflammation in the lungs, and ALL cancers , it’s best for those who have cancer to consume as little caffeine as possible , great for cancer survivorship, feel free to drink 2-3 ups of this decaf tea daily! for adults and cancer survivors. Back to School Herbal Protection Tea, Great for children to Start their green tea lifestyle! Builds immunity. Keeps you slim around the belly area. Great for brain care. Beautiful , clear skin. Stronger and healthier hair. 1 cup daily starting at age 4. They can drink cups as needed at age 12 and up. EGCG is powerful to help with building the immune system and fighting viruses. Kid’s Green Tea , kids should drink at least 1 cup of this tea everyday!


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