Eczema and Acne, Boils Care Kit- Skin Care kit – Problem Skin Care kit- green soap, propolis cream -4 oz tube NEW, Ojibwa Tea -24 bags – NO MORE ACNE – NO MORE ECZEMA, Acne Kit, Eczema kit, Boils, Pumps, Rash, Hives, Pimples, Cystic Acne, Molusco Contagioso (a virus on top of the skin), Skin Virus, Dark Marks, Dark Armpits


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ALERT: if you get a nasty virus on top of your skin, please get our Vtox as well!

How to Use:

Use the  green soap and cream  every day. You can place extra cream on your face at night. Apply the cream a bit heavier before you go to sleep. Take the soap and place it under water and suds up, then place those suds on your face  or other problematic area , like a mask. Keep the suds on your face as long as you like  (2-30 minutes)and then rinse off and place the cream on your acne or eczema areas. Use the soap all over the body if you like. Drink the tea at least twice a day. I highly recommend you take the tea bag out of the cup, let the tea bag cool and strap it to your  skin virus, acne area or eczema area. The bag will only fit over a small area but you will see amazing results. Say you strap it to your right cheek or chin or forehead. You could strap it across a BOIL, or a huge pimple or the big acne patch that’s on your cheek. Just try it! The herbs help to cleanse you skin from the outside while the herbs also assists from the inside when you drink the tea.