F – 2023/24 Zuleana® MASTERCLASS #2 of her Monthly MasterClass Series for month of February *When: Tuesday, February 13, 2024- $25.00 for this class Payment: Use Zelle ( Coach’s preferred way to pay for this class) or just or Add to Cart * MasterClass Title: From the Cotton Fields to the “Silent” World War 3 in America. ( How Untold Black History Can Save Us!) This class will be held on Sunday, February 11th @ 7 pm EST on the Clubhouse App. Be sure to RSVP on Clubhouse AFTER you have made your payment. You must RSVP to enter class. Bring Pad and Pen to class. NOTE: The system will charge you $7.50 for shipping, but nothing will be shipped to you. This is just so the total will be $25.00.