F- Zuleana® Covid-19 in 2024 Immunity at Home Consultation $60.00 for 45 minutes. Don’t be fooled, that nasty virus is still rearing it’s ugly head, The hospitals are chocked full and children are contracting it more than ever. This time around, the virus seems to give feelings of intense pain in the feet and legs as well as shortness of breath and a possible dreadful cough! Let Coach Cee Cee guide you through what you should be eating and drinking while you are in recovery. Including certain supplements, teas, etc. The system will charge you $7.50 for shipping, but nothing will be shipped to you. This is just so the total will be $60.00. Be sure to contact us at 917-903-2519 to schedule your appointment with Coach Cee Cee within 10 days of your purchase.