GG – Zuleana® { 10 Oils END TIMES Prep. 10 Must-Have Oils} 1 on 1 Class with Coach Cee Cee – Learn the 10 OILS you MUST HAVE NOW! Oils that harm and oils that heal. You must have 9 oils besides your anointing oil within your home, locked and loaded. $60.00 for 60 minutes. These are not aromatherapy oils but major oils for your brain, womb, gums, eyes, skin, vaginal care, and more! The system will charge you $7.50 for shipping, but nothing will be shipped to you. This is so the total will be $60.00 . Be sure to call us at 917-903-2519 to schedule your appointment class time with Coach Cee Cee within 10 days of your purchase. This class will be by phone.