Edges Growth Oil- 100% emu oil ( imported) from New Zealand (one of the best regions)- edges and female balding spots – 2oz. Hair oil, Hair , helps burned skin, skin burns, helps keloid skin, keloid

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Massage just a little into the area….circulating backward, forward and around. Do this every night  before you go to bed. It has  no smell  and has a creamy appearance and texture- a little goes a long way.

Great for:


Insect Bites and Skin Issues

Stress Balding spots

Traction alopecia


Place this oil at the edges of your braids as soon as your braids are finished. Place it on your edges especially at night, this will keep your edges strong and soothe the tightness of your braided edges. Place a little of the oil on your edges every night while the braids are in your hair  for maximum results.