Jamaican Hibiscus Tea- High blood pressure, left side systolic heart failure, water weight, kidney inflammation -25 tea bags, Red Tea , can be used as a hair rinse tea , herbal hair rinse, hair growth, hair fall , helps growth even from bald spots, for hair: (Hair growth, dry scalp, and balding ) pour hot water over tea bag, let sit for 1 hour, it will cool, then place in a spray bottle, spray on clean hair daily, place on scalp, or whenever you like, It can stain your shirt or shower so be careful. It will not dry your scalp. STORE YOUR SPRAY BOTTLE IN THE REFRIGERATOR. Hibiscus Tea is great for lower blood pressure when you drink it.


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Our Hibiscus Tea comes from JAMAICA but Hibiscus is originally from WEST AFRICA! Yayy! That means it is excellent for African-Americans!

Helps with:

high blood pressure ( esp. systolic blood pressure)

water weight

water retention