* Private Nutrition Coach ( domestic USA or International) – Coach Cee Cee has 30 years of experience as a medicine hunter, natural health educator, weight loss specialist, and nutrition coach. She is the founder of Zuleana® Nutrition and she has traveled to 16 countries to study, research and gather natural medicine. She has helped thousands of clients across the world and has successfully conquered up to 550 various health issues in men , women and children. She has helped so many African American families reach health freedom that they affectionately call her the “Harriet Tubman of Health!” Coach Cee Cee has assisted celebrities, pastors, athletes, authors, influencers, business owners and she even work nutritionally with casts in productions. She also works on site for various special projects and programs. She can travel with you or meet you on location as needed and upon request. Your identity and health status will be kept strictly confidential (NDA, etc. if/when needed.) Contact us for her fee and availability at 917-903-2519 to discuss the details of your proposal or request.