Resveratrol Capsules -90 veggie caps- 1600 mgs – Anti-Cancer- Breast Cancer, blood sugar, cardiovascular, fatty liver, 5g Tower Cellular health repair, healthy aging, antioxidant, Parkinson’s Disease, helps those with autism in the way of anxiety, hyperactivity, oxidative stress, and cognitive function, helps cancer with organic green tea, organic grape seed extract, (grape seeds), organic açaí fruit, Quercetin and organic red wine



Trans-Resveratrol 50% Organic   800 mg

Organic Green Tea 98% Polyphenols  300mg

Organic Grape Seed Extract 95% polyphenols  200mg

Organic Acai Fruit Extract (10:1)  200 mg

Quercetin ( From Organic Sophora Japonica)  80 mg

Organic Red Wine  20 mg