Spirulina Powder – 6 oz- Energy – Weight loss – Sinus Powder-Allergic rhinitis, Candidia – Iron – B1, B2, B3- lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides, Plant Protein – Non GMO- Organic Warning: If you are allergic to seafood, seaweed or sea vegetables, you should avoid spirulina. This product may not be appropriate for those with kidney stones or gout. Blue-Green Algae



Contains: 6 oz. of powder, plant-protein, amino acids
Feel free to add this to your Melt Belly Fat Green Matcha Powder in the morning!  This makes a powerful combination. You can also mix the vitamineral greens powder along with spirulina and the Melt Belly Fat Powder ( all 3)  together for more energy and vitamins galore! Women over the age of 45 NEED MORE B VITAMINS for more energy, less fatigue, nerve care, and LESS STRESS! You might want to order our B- Complex Vitamin!

Spirulina Benefits are as follows:

Athletic performance
Cancer- esp. Oral lesions

Blood Pressure

Weight Loss
Curbs Hunger
Gentle Detox
Heavy Metal Cleanse
Eliminates Candidia
High blood pressure
HIV/AIDS ( improve CD4 and decrease HIV viral load)
Sinus Care ( reduces  itching, nasal congestion & discharge and sneezing.)
Stroke Care
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B 12
Vitamin A
Contains Chromium ( helps with weight loss)
3900%  more iron than spinach
2800% more beta-carotene than carrots
600% more protein than tofu
NOTE: Spirulina (because of it’s fabulous plant protein level and energy boost) is best taken in the morning instead of at night!
NOTE #2: It’s extremely rare, but may cause rapid heart beat in some, if so, discontinue use immediately. Also if pregnant, please consult your doctor before using spirulina.