Spirulina Powder – Green powder – 6 oz- Energy – Weight loss – Sinus Powder-Allergic rhinitis, Candidia – Great for children as well, malnourished children, Iron – B1, B2, B6- lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides, contains copper which is great for those with difficulty walking, copper helps to have less gray hair, you need copper when taking Zinc Capsules, copper is needed for those who use denture creams with zinc in it’s content, you need copper if you have had gastric bypass surgery and other stomach surgeries. helps with lymphoma but only cancer patients with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma- Relapsed Refractory, Plant Protein – Non GMO- Organic*** Warning: If you are allergic to seafood, seaweed or sea vegetables, you should avoid spirulina. This product may not be appropriate for those with kidney stones or gout. Avoid Spirulina if you have a condition called PKU, RA, Lupus, or MS. Blue-Green Algae- cleanses body of heavy metals


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Contains: 6 oz. of powder, plant-protein, amino acids
Feel free to add this to your Melt Belly Fat Green Matcha Powder in the morning!  This makes a powerful combination. You can also mix the vitamineral greens powder along with spirulina and the Melt Belly Fat Powder ( all 3)  together for more energy and vitamins galore! Women over the age of 45 NEED MORE B VITAMINS for more energy, less fatigue, nerve care, and LESS STRESS! You might want to order our B- Complex Vitamin!

Spirulina Benefits are as follows:

Athletic performance

Cancer- esp. Oral lesions


Contains Copper

Helps Copper Deficiency

Blood Pressure

Weight Loss
Curbs Hunger
Gentle Detox
Heavy Metal Cleanse
Eliminates Candidia
High blood pressure
HIV/AIDS ( improve CD4 and decrease HIV viral load)
Sinus Care ( reduces  itching, nasal congestion & discharge and sneezing.)
Stroke Care
Vitamin  B1, B2, B6
Vitamin A
Contains Chromium ( helps with weight loss)
3900%  more iron than spinach
2800% more beta-carotene than carrots
600% more protein than tofu

NOTE: Spirulina (because of it’s fabulous plant protein level and energy boost) is best taken in the morning instead of at night!
NOTE #2: It’s extremely rare, but may cause rapid heart beat in some, if so, discontinue use immediately. Also if pregnant, please consult your doctor before using spirulina.