V-TOX – Vtox Cleanse – 5 Piece kit- Pine Needle Tea, Pine Needle Powder, Pine Tea ( from the White Pine Trees of Korea which has suramin – 5 times more Vitamin C than orange juice – Pine needle also contains the famous “shikimik” and has lots of vitamin A – also known to kill parasites – helps stop blood clots – helps menstrual irregularities – 100 grams -50 servings! Great energy , boost mood and amazing for respiratory and Immune system, 2. Organic Dandelion Tea which has Suramin- 24 tea bags for 24 days, 3. Organic Fennel Tea (Suramin) – 24 tea bags for another 24 days 4. White Powder Detox – cleanse heavy medals, fungi, bacteria, yeast, and parasites 5. NAC Capsules – 600 mg – 60 capsules Non-GMO caps for 60 days, take 1 daily, – all of these elements help the body’s Detoxification System , NAC cleans the liver and kidneys and boost glutathione levels- This kit is enough for 1 person to cleanse! Ages 5- up. Instructions: Take the Pine Needle Tea Powder, which comes with a scooper, and consume 2 leveled scoops EVERY morning with 8 ounces of warm water in a shaker bottle with whisk ball ( available on my site), and consume 1 heaping TSP of White Detox ( DE) Powder with water EVERY night on an empty stomach, drink the organic Dandelion Tea (24 days) and organic Fennel Tea ( another 24 days) in midday or at dinner time. That’s a total of 48 days of tea bags. Choose either tea and drink that tea for 24 days/24 bags and then switch to the other tea for the next 24 days/24 bags. Then be sure to take 1 NAC capsule per day, take all 5 elements every day until all of the your supply is completely gone, about 50 days. DRINK LOTS OF WATER throughout the day. Water is a must to keep things moving and to not dehydrate! Feel free to reorder any items that you feel your body simply enjoyed, yearns for or still needs to fully get clean. You may find that you may need to do the regiment for 6 months to a year depending on your desired level of cleansing. YOU MUST DETOX FOR A WHILE, the V is nothing to play with, please plan to at least do this cleanse for about 1 year to fight this fight!!! You may take a small break in between kits, but if you feel symptoms coming on, simply start right back up. Family Detox. Yes this cleanse kit has lots of suramin to help prevent blood clots, protect DNA and RNA, improve circulation and regulate blood pressure. These elements also block spike proteins. NOTE: You can add Star Anise for only $3.50 to this kit for even more suramin. You can drink the Star Anise during the last 10 days to go along with your NAC capsules. The Pine Needle tea when combined with Anise (available on my site) may help those with autism! Please also consider my Organic Wheatgrass Powder and Organic Spirulina Powder for maximum HEAVY METAL CLEANSE. They both are amazing. Just keep cleansing , using as many products as you can. When one product runs out, use another. The teas will also cleanse your blood and digestive system! All of these elements are amazing! Vtox


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