Wheatgrass Powder – Organic – NEW Product!- 5 oz. – Organic – non-gmo – gluten-free – wheatgrass juice powder- 2 tsp. with 8 oz of cool, clean water, NOT TAP WATER, shake in shaker bottle which is available on my website). They call it GREEN BLOOD – greens powder – chlorophyll-rich, cleanses body of heavy metals, reduces toxins, helps Bloating, helps Sugar Cravings, helps move bowels, cleanse your gastrointestinal track, helps with diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood circulation, cognitive function, memory loss, relieves anxiety, improves hand-eye coordination, helps build platelets, great for your skin, anti-aging, helps with protein digestion, ENERGY BOOSTER, DIGESTIVE CARE, Ulcerative Colitis, Proctitis, Colitis, helps digestion, helps metabolism, lower cholesterol, gets rid of toxins, chemo aftercare, helps with leukemia big time, combined with traditional cancer treatments, may minimize adverse affects, helps healthy liver function, green juice, green powder, detox, helps you poop, better bowel movement -less gas, less bloating, relieve constipation, IBS – Wheatgrass powder should be taken on an EMPTY STOMACH, feel more awake, increase workout, stabilize blood sugar, Alkaline, improve fertility – in one shot, you get 100 minerals and 2.5 pounds of green vegetables, cancer patients love wheatgrass – chemo aftercare, helps fight the side effects of chemo chemicals, provides oxygen supply to the tissues, oxygenates your cells, filled with chlorophyll, contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help fight cancer, high antioxidants, brain fog, depression and anxiety, weight loss, better immunity, includes magnesium and iron, calcium, selenium, and zinc, helps keep gut clean, natural glow, vibrant energy, more focus,* FACT: According to page one of the Bible, we were created to eat grass and fruit! “I have given you every grass bearing seed, which is upon the face of all earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be food. Wheatgrass has a naturally sweet taste! Great for arthritis, lymphatic cancer and bone cancer, non- Hopkins lymphoma, oral squamous cell carcinoma, cervical cancer, inflammation of the colon, mouth ulcers, it has SOD , kills free radicals, over 70% of wheatgrass is chlorophyll which increases hemoglobin content in the blood, it’s alkaline and may help joint pain and infections, diabetes, helps with breast cancer chemo toxicity . Wheatgrass contains no wheat, no gluten – as it comes from the sprout. Warning: do not consume if you are pregnant or breast feeding.


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