Zinc- Zinc Picolinate – 50MG – 60 veg caps- best absorption form, boost white blood cells, boost T cells, helps depression, OCD , boost T cells! – keep from feeling run down, Cold, Flu, Allergies, Virus, Herpes, Leaky Gut, Ulcerative Colitis, HS , Hidradenitis Suppurativa, reduce hair loss, hearing loss, better hearing, zinc deficiency can cause sugar cravings, sweet tooth help, helps with elevated testosterone levels, Better ability to smell and taste, improves ovarian function, anti-androgen, lowers androgen, (androgen is when you have missing periods, acne, chin hair, etc.) hirsutism, helps heal open sores on the skin, better testosterone for men, better men’s libido , better sperm motility, better male reproductive function, helps with BOILS! Low zinc can lead to boils , boil care , birth control mineral deficiency- take directly after dinner- might feel sick if taken on an empty stomach


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Adult Acne

Depression Buster

Cancer Fighter

Free Radical Damage

Hormonal balance

Keeps you from feeling run down

keep you from getting sick all the time



digestive care

immune booster

helps with hair loss

Chronic Fatigue



Leaky Gut- A MUST

Stops food from tasting FUNNY

Helps TIGHTEN JUNCTIONS in your intestines!

A weak digestive systems need even MORE ZINC!

Zinc helps fight off  bacteria and viruses!

Zinc helps with thyroid function

Zinc synthesizes Thyroid Hormone

Zinc helps hormone levels

People loose their ability to taste and smell when they are low in zinc