Airline Travel Kit – International Travel Kit – Long Road Trip Kit – 10 packs of Sore Throat Crystals pour into 4 oz of hot water and drink every 4 hours if needed, 2 packs of Zinc/Elderberry Lozenges- suck up to 5 pieces a day if needed, Thyme tea – 18 tea bags, 5 Ginger Crystal Packs, pour into hot water and drink, 1 bar of green soap for any bugs, bug bites, rashes, skin irritations. 1 small travel size bottle of Elderberry Syrup. All of these items are the size to pass through TSA Airport Security. Ask for hot water and keep drinking all of your crystal packs and teas throughout the plane trip. Feel free to drink your Elderberry Shot when you touch down or on the return flight. Be sure to wrap up tight, around your neck and ankles, it’s very cold on the planes. Wearing a hoodie helps to keep the back of your neck protected. Do not spend a lot of time in the boarding tunnel! Very little ventilation in the tunnel.


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