WBC – white blood cells – White Blood Cells Builder Kit – 5 piece kit – Vitamin C – 1,000 mgs , 100 Tablets, Red Reishi Tea – 20 bags, drink at least 2 cups daily, Zinc Picolinate 50 MG – 60 veg caps, Quercetin Bromelain Capsules- 120 caps, Immunity Booster Capsule – combo of Lysine, Astragalus and Olive leaf, 90 capsules , Also add our Wheatgrass Powder if you need to boost white blood cells, red blood cells AND PLATELETS in your blood. Wheatgrass is filled with chlorophyll and helps to clean the inner body, body odor, urine and sperm and removes toxins and heavy metals. Be sure to check your Hydroxy D3 level, WBC level and Platelet level and keep an eye on your lab results! All of these need to be at the proper level to fight off viruses. Be sure to not eat sugar as sugar depletes your vitamin C! Be sure to eat 3 Brazil nuts every day for Selenium! See our V-Tox package as well.


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