Immunity Builder Kit – Covid-19 and All Variants – Delta – Omicron Care – Covid Vaccine Aftercare – Covid Vaccine Care – 5g Tower help, Antiviral- For Prevention Assistance, ONSET AND Recovery/ After Care (Take after you have had Covid to build up our white blood cells and immune system) Back to School Herbal Protection Kit- Great for ALL teachers and students, keep you strong during the Covid Mutations/Variants and various virus strains, West Nile virus – New and IMPROVED 2021 Version- Your Kit includes: Item # 1. Red Reishi Tea also called Ganoderma Lucidum Tea ) – a TOP Medicinal Mushroom Tea – (an immune booster tea) – 20 bags 2. Zinc Picolinate 50 mg – 120 tablets – take one a day 3. Zinc Elderberry Lozenges – 15 pieces ( suck about 4 pieces daily esp. for sore throat) 4. Thyme Leaf Tea (organic) for (cough and mucus) – 18 tea bags 5. Immunity Booster Capsule with Lysine, Olive leaf and Astragalus Root- 90 capsules 6. Sore Throat Crystals/Powder – 5 (little green packs) (simply pour entire contents in 5 oz. of warm to hot water, stir and drink. Can be taken every 4 hours. 7. Ginger Honey Packs- 5 sticks. (Try pouring one whole ginger honey stick into your thyme tea for a strong anti-viral effect!) 8. VitaMineral Greens/ Grasses/Seaweed Powder (great source of Iodine) – drink 1/2 tsp daily in 8 oz. of water & you can add a dash of raw honey if you like 9. Vitamin A- 1500 MCG/ 5000 IU -100 tablets- take 1 a day- it’s Vegan Friendly… Check your Vitamin A level, But definitely take the Vitamin A if you are VEGAN!!) *Note: If you have thick mucus in the lungs and/or a horrible persistent cough, we HIGHLY SUGGEST purchasing our Mullein Leaf Tincture as well. * Also, Vitamin D3 at 5,000 IUs per capsule is a MUST for Covid (buy on my website)- keep a check on your Vitamin D3 level with doctor. Also, take Vitamin C in our BEST most POTENT FORM (food-grade) which is Camu Camu Capsules (take 2/3 tablets EVERY day) or our regular 1,000 mgs Vitamin C capsule (1-2 per day and up to about 8 per day when you have a virus. Space them out throughout the day!) Both forms of Vitamin C capsules (are here on my website) Vit. C is an ABSOLUTE MUST!- We also have Quercetin Bromelain Capsules – Quercetin is amazing for the immune system and allergies too! You can buy the Quercetin here on my site and it works even better when taken with Vitamin C, Magnesium is also a MUST during Covid (here on my site), Covid -19 Care , Corona Virus Care , Covid, Corona Cold, Flu, Cough, Mucus, Depression , *Olive leaf is anti-viral, anti- fungal, and anti-cancer


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