Parsley Tea – 18 tea bags – organic – Parsley Leaf Tea – Parsley – Kidney Care, Swollen Ankles, Edema, water retention, Prevents Kidney Stones, helps urinary issues, helps lymphoma, Anti-Cancer (esp. cervical and colon), may help regulate period, stimulate blood in uterus, reduce Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), promote blood sugar control, antioxidants, it’s infection-fighting compounds loosen up phlegm and mucus that might coat the throat and lungs, prevent the overproduction of milk for breastfeeding mothers. helps rectal cancer, helps congested lymph nodes, Helps mild constipation. Improves blood flow. Help with hypertension and cholesterol (LDL). Help with tumors in lung cancer. Cleans liver, kidney and bladder. bladder stones. Filled with healthy Chloropyll (protects against germs, fungi and organisms). Lots of vitamin K for strong bones. Doubles the vitamin K when heated as tea! Has lots of iron, helps with anemia. Filled with Vitamin C. Parley Tea can help with Rectal Cancer.


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