Vitamin D3 (5000 IU 125 mcg 100 softgels) – *We have 2 types of D3! This one is the best choice for those on BLOOD THINNERS otherwise we highly suggest you purchase our other more absorbable/highly more effective form of Vitamin D3 WITH K2 ( here in our online store) – Note: Those on blood thinners cannot have the K vitamin- D3 helps with energy, bones, cancer, lung cancer, bone pain, heart failure, helps balance hormones, TMJ ( stiff jaw), colon cancer, fatigue, pain, immunity, ulcerative colitis. helps those with MS. helps with C diff., Vitamin D *(If you are NOT on a blood thinner, try our Vitamin D3 Plus K2 ) Search: Vitamin D3 Plus K2 – Always take Vitamin D3 with a meal consisting of a bit of good fat such as clean turkey, salmon, or avocado as it is a fat soluble vitamin.


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