Persistent Cough Care Kit – Thyme Leaf Tea – 20 bags Ginger/Honey Packs- 5 packs – Sore Throat Crystals – 5 packs – Empty the whole pack of crystals in about 5 oz of HOT water stir and drink. Zinc Elderberry Lozenges – 16 pieces, suck about 4 pieces a day towards the BACK of the throat, Amla Powder – 6 0z. bag – Organic – mix with warm water and a dash of raw honey


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Note: Open the little green pack (sore throat crystals) and pour the entire contents into 5 oz. of hot water, stir and drink. Open the yellow stick and pour 1/2 to entire contents (upon taste) into 8 oz. of hot water, stir and drink. You can also place the Ginger/Honey Crystals (yellow sticks crystals) into the Thyme Leaf Tea for a stronger effect! Suck on no more than about 5 Zinc lozenges per day.