Chlorella Tablets – 500 mg – 180 tablets – take 3 tablets daily, great for 5G cleanse, Radiation poisoning, detox, heavy metals, helps to stop grey hair, kidney cleanse, reduce bloat, cleanses your system. ( Broken cell wall ) Chlorella, lots of chlorophyll, strengthen liver function, blood cleanser, helps with cancer, strengthens immune system, contains protein, body odor, bad breath, skin problems, acne , herpes, trichomoniasis, helps fat loss, heavy metal cleanse, stimulate macrophages and t-cells, protects body against infection, increases good bacteria in the gut, stress, jet lag, high blood pressure, constipation, sinusitis, nasal congestion, hair growth, clears skin, helps with eczema, contains omega 3 , contains active B12, great for vegans to get more nutrition, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, fights signs of aging, Protects and rebuilds your DNA and RNA, helps lymphoma, grows nails, helps hair that is thinning, – green algae – a type a fresh water seaweed, helps with ulcers, colitis, Crohn’s, and diverticulosis, boost energy, helps damaged body tissue, mental clarity, chlorella has the highest concentration of RNA/ DNA nucleic acid in all available plant form!


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