GG – – {Cleanest Food On-The-Go in America} 1 on 1 Class with Coach Cee Cee. $40 of 40 minutes. Are you an avid traveler or a busy mom on the go who desires to eat clean just like we do in the Zuleana® Way? Maybe you are a truck driver and want to stay healthy and trim! Coach Cee Cee will share restaurants and drive-throughs across America that actually carry healthy options. Some of the establishments even have reward points! From hidden healthy choice secrets that are not on the standing menu to learning who secretly lettuce wraps instead of “bunning it” and even skinning your bun, to knowing lesser known sides and snack packs. Coach also goes over complete hot meals/deliciously healthy entrees across America as well. The system will charge you $7.50 for shipping, but nothing will be shipped to you. This is just so the total will be $40.00. Be sure to contact us at 917-903-2519 to schedule your appointment class time with Coach Cee Cee within 10 days of your purchase. This class will be done by phone.